Annette Lemieux left right left right whitney museum

These are fists of protest. Two weeks ago, I stood in front of this powerful art by Annette Lemieux and thought about all who had marched before us to fight for civil rights, women's rights, and gay rights. I thought about how proud I was that our country was on the brink of electing our first woman President. I believed that collectively, we were going to reject a candidate who sold bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, fear, conspiracy, and toxic masculinity as his platform. I thought we were going to honor those who came before us and nurture our future generations.
I was wrong. I went to bed crying and woke up scared. As a woman of color, how do I move forward with hope and strength when so many people in this country don't care if I am objectified, profiled, or sexually assaulted? How do I lead with love when the rights of marginalized and underserved people are threatened and the three branches of government don't have our backs?
There is so much more I want to say, but I am numb and at a loss for words. I want to take action. I do. But, I cannot today. Today I'm hugging my loved ones tightly. Tomorrow I will raise my fist in protest.
We will organize and stand strong. As @sallykohn says, "Love will still trump hate. It may just take longer than we expected." This fight has only begun. Expect us.

{art: "Left Right Left Right" by Annette Lemieux at the Whitney Museum.}


Vintage cat voting hillary clinton

I voted for her because she supports a woman's right to choose, marriage equality, gun control, immigrants' rights, a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, special needs children, #blacklivesmatter, criminal justice reform, and transgender rights. I voted for her because she believes in science. I voted for her because she stood up to the human embodiment of bigotry and misogyny and inspired a nation to say "No!" to hate. I voted for her because she studies, practices, and prepares.

I voted for her because she has the Obamas, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Bernie, and Rep. John Lewis on speed dial.

I voted for her because I want to break the glass ceiling.

And, finally, I voted for her because she makes pantsuits really cool.

I just voted for the first woman President and I couldn't be more thrilled. What a time to be alive.


Orange vintage payphone phone

Have you called your friends, family, BFFs, frenemies, pussy posse, swing-staters, nasty women, Bernie Bros, girl bosses, bad hombres, woke uncles, cool dads, badass moms, card-carrying millennials, and bully-tamers and reminded them to get to the polls and VOTE? The future is in our hands, my friends! To quote the great Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Don't screw this up."


Marc jacobs for hillary clinton im with her

Anyone else freaking out about this cray election? When I get panicked over the thought of "He Who Must Not Be Named" running our country, I do what my activist mama taught me and I get to work. Therefore, I'm dedicating this weekend to #GOTV.

As President Obama always says, "Don't boo. VOTE!" The opposition can't hear you boo, but they can hear you vote. In the same spirit, I say, "Don't cry. CALL!" Calling democrats in swing states and encouraging them to vote is not as scary as it sounds. You can do it from the comfort of your sofa or make it a phone banking party with friends! Sign up on and see how easy it is to dial-a-Dem!

When calling, voting-themed attire and power pantsuits are optional, but highly encouraged.

old brand new: louisiana flood relief


in light of the devastating floods in louisiana, my dear friend and new orleans denizen, dabito of old brand new, is selling his gorgeous fiber art with 100% of the proceeds going to the louisana red cross.

if you're an artist or crafter, please consider selling some of your work to donate to flood relief. it's an impactful and important way to give to those in need.

thank you, dabito. we are glad you and ryan are safe. our thoughts and actions are with your louisana neighbors.


L.A. Summer


102 degree hollywood glamour.

{another amazing gif by lazy mom.}


Oscar statue meets the Black Keys

it's that time of the year again -- oscars.

i confess, i am not very excited by the show this year. the lack of diversity in the nominees have me down and frustrated. i was really disappointed by the lack of oscar acknowledgement for selma last year. this year is even worse with the exclusion of idris elba, beasts of no nation, director cary joji fukunaga, actor abraham attah, and straight outta compton. also, excluding transgender singer anohni from the awards show is so, so terrible!

however, i will watch the show as i watched it since i was four months old. also, my superpower is correctly predicting the winners, (i've won the oscar pool 15 times in the past 16 years!), so i'm going to give it another crack this year.

i've only seen a handful of films this year (i usually see them all), partially due to my lack of enthusiasm and nominee disappointment. for the record, my favorite films this year were ex machina and mad max: fury road.

okay, let's get on with the predictions. keep in mind, i vote head over heart. that is key to winning the oscar kitty. hence...sylvester stallone.


best picture: spotlight (this category is the BIGGEST toss up! i'm going with the underdog. winner may be the revenant or big short, though.)

Spotlight film poster

best director: alejandro iñárritu (the revenant)

best actor: leonardo dicaprio (the revenant)

best actress: brie larson (room)

Room film

best supporting actor: sylvester stallone (creed)

best supporting actress: alicia vikander (the danish girl)

best adapted screenplay: charles randolph and adam mckay (the big short)

The Big Short poster

best original screenplay: josh singer and tom mccarthy (spotlight)

best animated feature: inside out

Martian movie Matt Damon

documentary feature: amy

foreign language film: son of saul

best cinematography: the revenant (emmanuel lubezki)

The Revenant Emmanuel Lubezki

best costume design: mad max: fury road (jenny beavan)

best film editing: mad max: fury road (margaret sixel)

Max max fury road vehicle

best original song: "til it happens to you" from "the hunting ground" (lady gaga)

best makeup & hair styling:mad max: fury road (lesley vanderwalt, elka wardega and damian martin)

best production design: mad max: fury road (colin gibson - production design; lisa thompson - set decoration)

Brooklyn movie

best original score: the hateful eight (ennio morricone)

best sound editing: the revenant (martin hernandez and lon bender)

best sound mixing: the revenant (jon taylor, frank montaño, randy thom and chris duesterdiek)

best visual effects: star wars: the force awakens (roger guyett, patrick tubach, neal scanlan and chris corbould)

Ex machina oscar isaac dance

best animated short: sanjay’s super team

best documentary short: body team 12

best live action short: shok

there you go, darlings. now go primp for the red carpet! oh, and my guess for best dressed: alicia vikander.

Alicia vikander the danish girl


David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_19

i never played with dolls as a kid. but, times change, darlings. times change.

a few weeks ago, i stumbled across mel elliot's ziggy paperboy wonder book at book soup on sunset blvd. the book contains two david bowie paper dolls and 16 fabulous outfits ranging from freddie burretti's mustard yellow and ice-blue suits to kansai yamamoto's 'wonderland creature' leather leotard and 'tokyo pop' vinyl bodysuit.

my fantasy to be bowie's stylist has finally come true! all i needed was an x-acto knife to cut out the pieces, my bowie playlist, and a whole lotta dreaming.

damn, i miss him.

David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_13

{above: mustard suit by freddie burretti during bowie's diamond dog days. also, bowie's aladdin sane asymmetrical, knitted bodysuit by kansai yamamoto.}

David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_15

{above: kansai yamamoto's 'wonderland creature' leather leotard worn by bowie for both aladdin sane and ziggy stardust tours. also, airbrushed body as seen in the inner-gatefold of aladdin sane album. airbrushing designed by philip castle.}David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_04

David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_21

David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_05

{above center: bowie's "life on mars" video ice-blue suit. designer: freddie burretti.)

David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_17

David Bowie Paper Dolls Mel Elliot Ziggy Paperboy Aladdin Sane_07

{above: kansai yamamoto's 'tokyo pop' vinyl bodysuit for the aladdin sane tour.}

get yourself a copy (or two!) at book soup.

pantsuit power

Eugenia Loli Dry Cleaning

...don't underestimate it.

{image: "dry cleaning" by eugenia loli.}

the galaxy just got its brightest star

David Bowie Forever Aladdin Sane

david bowie. my hero in all things fantastic. the reason why I love glitter and lighting bolts. the reason I love music. you should have lived forever, starman. on the evening of his death, i was up crying and listening to his albums until 4:00 a.m. like a teenage girl, which makes sense because that's how old i was when I fell in love with him.

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