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jonathan adler's got you covered

yesterday, i did a photo shoot substituting wrapping paper for wallpaper.  it was the closest i've ever come to using wallpaper and i have to admit, i didn't hate it.

today, i noticed jonathan adler launched a wallpaper line and now i'm fantasizing about floor-to-ceiling geometrics and garlands.  the bare walls in my office may soon lose their virginity.



clockwise from top left:  garland in orangenixon in goldropes in navy; brocade in yellow; garland in greybamboo in brown.

going green with ornj bags

recycled.  resurrected.  resexy.

detroit designers david & casey of conjoin design created these lightweight, stylish, and durable ornj bags from recycled construction fencing rescued from the streets of the motor city.  recycled urban fencing, people.


the fine boys at cool hunting have the full lowdown on the detroit designers and the inspiration behind the bags.

totes, baguettes, and messengers range from 26-60 bucks.  oh yeah, and they're whorange.

clockwise from the top left:  ornj bubble baguetteornj messengerorjn tote; ornj purse.

whorange of the week: bette davis

selecting this week's "whorange of the week" was a breeze.  with the oscars on sunday, pickins were rich.  marion cotillard looked aquatic fantastic in her gaultier gown and helen mirren proved once again, she's queen of the GILFs.

but, it was bette davis, in a 1955 montage, presenting an oscar to marlon brando in her sequined skull cap that set the whorange-o-meter ablaze.


simply stated:  bitch has balls.  they just don't make them like this anymore.  her tombstone even says, "she did it the hard way."

a tip of the tiara to you, miss davis.

the big "o": whoranging for obama art

what happens when a presidential candidate inspires a nation, reawakens hope in politics, and looks good while doing it?  damn fine art, that's what.  street artists, graphic designers, crafters, photographers, and animators have found their new muse.


clockwise from the top left:  "call to action" and "progress" prints and pasters by shepard fairey (all proceeds from fairey's prints go to the obama campaign); obama folk art (via chicagoist); date farmers obama screen print for upper playground.


above:  chicago freelance graphic artist, ray noland, embarked on an unpaid, unauthorized one-man street art campaign on behalf of Obama. (via popmatters)


left to right: obama talks to u.s. (via only-connect); hello america for go tell mama (via there's no way home).


clockwise from the top left:  obama collage magnet by nowvember; obama flat key art by stories of divinations;  bottle cap magnet by kristin rafferty; kennedy endorsement celebration bracelet by stories of divinations.

whoranging for anna sui

there was only one moment in my life when i wanted to be courtney love:  when i discovered anna sui custom designed courtney's baby doll dresses.

the year was 1995.  at the time, i was go-go dancing for a funk band in san francisco, but apparently this wasn't enough inspiration for anna to design a couture collection for me.

anna sui's spring 2008 collection:


and her fall 2008 collection:


there is still time, though.  i'm blogging now, anna.  bloggers are way sexier than rockstars.  i swear.

shades of whorange & black

i was introduced to the concept of fashion in the sixth grade.  my friend's mother -- a personal shopper at nordstrom -- held a color wheel to my face and diagnosed me as a "spring palette."  to an aspiring goth, this was not a good thing.  to this day, i've maintained an undying devotion for the seasons of winter and fall, and therefore, black & whorange.


clockwise from top left:  sundae bra and brief by rosy; rob ryan's paper cuts (via craftzine); circuit, hollywood grape, and flower of love wallpaper designs by walnut wallpaper; orange aviary mini purse by lulaballo; anthropologie's fiery dew dress and orange gerber ring; notneutral's triton laquer tray set; urban outfitter's lomography fisheye camera.

why whorange?


welcome to my living room.

in 2005, i purchased this painting by artist paul kozlowski at the fake gallery in los angeles.  from that day on, my favorite color has been whorange.

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