in celebration of earth day, i'd like to thank the artists & crafters whose use found objects in their work.  together, they prove that one man's trash is another gal's whorange.

here are just a few of my favs:

above top:   "portrait" composed of found gloves & chair.  above bottom: "traffic"  composed of found plastics & metals.   both by paul villinski.

above top:  "trophy" composed of sewn found photographs & found text.  above bottom: "la caridad" composed of sewn found photographs, feathers, toothpicks, cardboard & book page.  both by lisa kokin.

above top: "sins and virtues plates." above bottom left to right:  "white stripes plate," "knob plate," and "flight of the conchords plate."  materials:  vintage plates & paint.  all by trixie delicious of vandalized vintage


above:  "genuine bows" by stephen johnson.  materials: second-hand ornaments.