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getting pretty is easy: glass bird vases by roost


getting pretty isn't just easy, it's pretty easy.

here's what you need:  a flower, some water, and a glass shaped like a bird.

if you're low on bird-shaped vessels, grab yourself a finch, dove, or chickadee vase by roost.  i'll provide the flowers and you supply the water.  together, we'll make the world beautiful -- one fabulous and flowery finch at a time.

available at doe in san francisco.

whorange of the week: the niagara cyclo-massager hand unit


this product may change my life.  potentially dangerous.  potentially delightful.  either way, i'm crowning it whorange of the week.

the vintage niagara cyclo-massager hand unit comes in its original sparkly blue suitcase (with key!) and contains an electric massage unit, instruction booklet, weight loss manual, and 2 suction cup-like attachments.

talk about a girl's best friend.

and, just in case you doubt the niagra's effectiveness, simply read the cover of the booklet.


'nuff said.  a tip of the tiara to you, vintage niagara cyclo-massager hand unit!

available at the always fabulous white elephant vintage.

wall mounted bottle openers by FluffyCo

thanks to these gorgeous, screen printed bottle openers, not only can i open a beer bottle on the fly, but i can look good while doing it.

i just may hang one in every room of my house.

handmade by fluffyco in san francisco.  available at the curiosity shoppe.

pretty protrusions: the branch series system at postfossil


as we all know, tall centerpieces run the risk of obstructing the view of our dinner guests.  depending upon whom we're dining with, this may not be a bad thing.  however, on the days when we wish to see our feasting friends from across the table, why not consider placing the centerpiece on the wall?


the swiss designers at postfossil devised a system to do just that.  the ingenious design functions as a branch holder, giving the impression of a tree growing out from the wall.

postfossil premiered their branch series that also includes the branch table and chair legs pictured above at the 2008 salone satellite.  the salone satellite is part of the world’s biggest industrial design event which takes place in milan.

super fancy.  super functional.  super fab!

(via yatzer)

bust magazine whoranges for flight of the conchords

bust magazine's annual "men we love" issue hit the stands this month, and who does it feature?  men we love, of course.  namely, new zealand’s “fourth most popular folk-rock duo” flight of the conchords.


pure magic, people.  jemaine and bret make rainbows and unicorns seem ordinary.  for a larger view, click here.

the fab mag features an interview exploring the dreamy duo's views on feminism, facial hair, and bret's figwit phenomenon.  ("figwit," by the way, was the name bestowed upon bret by fans when he played an elfin extra in lord of the rings.  his three seconds of screen time spawned numerous websites dedicated to the then unknown actor/musician).

in addition to jemaine and bret's dreamy pictorials (including a poolside speedo spread), bust spotlights other crush-worthy men such as the swoonable ira glass, the delectable david sedaris, and the darling elijah wood.

so lace up your skates and roll on down to the newsstand to pick yourself up an issue, or stay put and subscribe here

(images from bust's april/may '08 issue).

cupcake toppers by a. bel emporium


while cruising through etsy, i stumbled across these vintage-inspired cupcake toppers at a. bel emporium.

i believe these toppers possess the power to make even the driest red velvet feel like a million bucks.  in fact, they would work on just about anything -- from omelets to chicken stir fry.  the possibilities are endless.

pick yourself up a few here.  they're affordable, reusable, and the perfect way to say, "although this food may not taste good, it looks good."  and as we all know, as in life, looking good is over half of the battle.

babe gets served: pig table by moooi

the moooi pig table is the perfect companion to your horse lamp or rabbit lamp.  and, yes, it's lifesized, people.

hold the bacon.

painting pachyderms: elephant art of thailand


my good friend, nate, returned from his honeymoon in thailand with a really cool, abstract flower painting by an artist named "ood."  and get this, ood is an elephant.  an elephant, people.

nate even documented the artist at work.  check it out, plus more paintings and a VIDEO after the JUMP.

getting between the sheets with amenity


i few years ago, a person close to me who shall remain nameless, decided to begin purchasing eco-friendly fabrics.  some of the first few items to come home were a burlap sack-type duvet cover and a pair undyed hemp undies.  now, i'm all for ethically sound manufacturing and organic fabrics, but the eco-panties and zero thread count spread left me pondering...what meant more to me -- being green or getting laid?

luckily, the designers at amenity know how to put the big "o" in organic.  their offering of stylish, 400 thread count, 100% virgin cotton bedding, wall prints, and nursery goods are not only easy on the earth, but easy on the eyes.  all products are certified organic, locally-manufactured, and made with eco-friendly dyes and minimally-processed, natural fibers.

i don't know about you, but i'm feeling the love.  now, if only they made underwear...


get a little amenity in your life at their online store or design public.

rethink & reuse: art from found objects

in celebration of earth day, i'd like to thank the artists & crafters whose use found objects in their work.  together, they prove that one man's trash is another gal's whorange.

here are just a few of my favs:

above top:   "portrait" composed of found gloves & chair.  above bottom: "traffic"  composed of found plastics & metals.   both by paul villinski.

above top:  "trophy" composed of sewn found photographs & found text.  above bottom: "la caridad" composed of sewn found photographs, feathers, toothpicks, cardboard & book page.  both by lisa kokin.

above top: "sins and virtues plates." above bottom left to right:  "white stripes plate," "knob plate," and "flight of the conchords plate."  materials:  vintage plates & paint.  all by trixie delicious of vandalized vintage


above:  "genuine bows" by stephen johnson.  materials: second-hand ornaments.

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