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table skirt: afterwords by hussein chalayan


hussein chalayan's afterwords table skirt is the perfect companion to pablo reinos's wearable chair.

ideal for picnics, love-ins, and seances.

(via FABULON, of course!)

whorange of the week: modernica warehouse sale


okay, darlings, it's happening!

modernica is having a SALE.  and, by sale, i mean a GINORMOUS WAREHOUSE SALE that will quite possibly be one of most important events in your life!  it's going down next saturday, june 7th, in los angeles.  so, if you don't live in LA, book a plane, hop a train, hitchhike, or roller skate on over.  it's worth it.  i promise.

prices are groovy and doable and the pickings are simply fabulous.  last year, steve and i scored a bad ass case study storage unit, a swivel fiberglass arm shell chair, and 2 gainey planters.

this is the oscars of whoranging, people!!!  the red carpet awaits...

where and when:
1820 industrial street in los angeles
june 7, from 9-4pm

for more skinny on the pretty, click here.

feeling groovy with linda solovic

st. louis based artist linda solovic collects objects found at flea markets and resurrects them into floral and feathered fabulousness.

according to linda, she's inspired by "vintage greeting cards, quilts, outsider art, hello kitty, 50’s and 60’s children’s illustration, animated cartoons and movies, fabric, marimekko and japanese zabka sewing projects."

throw john waters in there and linda and i could be soul mates!

digital prints of linda's work are available at her etsy shoppe.  crave it.  need it.

a view from the space needle...


darlings, i'm packing up my earmuffs and flying to seattle today!

the magnificent mary t. from shelterrific and straight from the container was sweet enough to give me an insider's guide on where to go and what to see, so i feel i'm in good hands.  otherwise, i'd just end up eating clam chowder and rotating all day at the space needle.  not that there's anything wrong with that.

(image via azzurrolou).

cannibal kingdom melamine plate set by pop ink


farmer john would be so proud to see these cheerful critters working hard to put food on the table.

constructed of magnificent melamine, these cannibalistic charmers by pop ink feature the divine designs of charles s. anderson and come in a set of 4.

bon appétit, my pets!

available at velocity art & design.

dear diary, i need a MODOFLY moleskine journal

i read "go ask alice" as a young girl.  i know the power of the journal.  a journal chronicles the good times and the bad.  its content can inspire creativity or it can be used against you in a court of law.  either way, isn't it important for the cover to look fabulous?

the marvelous folks at modofly have put together a mighty fine selection of moleskine journals and sketchbooks to capture your most juicy thoughts and visions.   each laser-etched book comes with ruled or blank pages and features an original design from an artist within modoflay's artist network.  the unique range of over 60 styles makes it easy to not just pick out the perfect journal for yourself, but for 60 of your closest friends, too.

also, with designs entitled "mother," "father," "liar liar," and "personal domain of freedom and ecstasy," how can you not want to use these glorious books to purge your deepest, darkest, and most delightful secrets?

available at modofly's website or etsy shoppe.

(thanks, aunt diane, for introducing me to modofly!)

in honor of the holiday...

(image via decor 8).

i'm taking the day off, darlings.  i'll be back tomorrow!

just remember, i already miss you.

stay pretty,

whoranging for jonathan adler's squirrel ring box

last month, my friend heather gave me a newspaper clipping regarding the premiere of sir jonathan adler's squirrel ring box.  i've thought about this little guy ever since and today, both shelterrific and straight from the container featured the squirrelly box.

i think it's a sign, people:  we must register for it.

the best news is -- it's all we'll need!  so glad that's settled.

by the way, did you notice the craveable rex ray art  hanging in the background?  hmm.  maybe we need to register for that, too.

here comes the bride...

style maven and glamour guru, thombeau from FABULON, was lovely enough to provide a handpicked selection of bridal wear for my special day.  each taffeta and lace gown is enchanting in its own way, uniquely accessorized, and artfully presented.

now, if only i wore a size 14 shoe.  sigh.

click here to see thombeau's collection.

(image via vintage gown).

plastic fantastic: jonathan adler's happy home collection

just in time for memorial day fetes, sir jonathan adler serves up a collection of wares that is not only plastic, but plastic fantastic.  kid-friendly and lush-safe, these acrylic and melamine pieces are the perfect collection for your outdoor or hardcore entertaining.

available at loft party.

clockwise from top left:  palm beach multi-fish serving platter (13.00);   5-piece stockholm pots pitcher and tumbler set (36.00);  stockholm pots shaped platter (15.00);  palm beach fish martini set (20.00);   3-piece stockholm pots martini set (20.00). 

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