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WHORANGE holiday

(image via jan from seattle).

darlings, i'm off for a four day weekend of tea parties & hedonism.  while i'm away, i strongly suggest reading through the entire WHORANGE archives.

studies prove that reading every single post keeps you young, and reading them twice keeps you pretty for life!

i'll be back on wednesday.  just remember, i miss you already.


baby it's cold outside: martin & muñoz snow globes



with temperatures nearing 5000 degrees in los angeles, i thought it fit to shine a spotlight on snow globes.

pennsylvania based artists and couple, walter martin and paloma muñoz, sculpt and arrange miniature, three-dimensional scenes inside of 9" x 6" snow globes. however, instead of hollywood signs and hula girls, their re-imagined kitschy collectible vessels depict dark scenes of whimsy, alienation, and occasionally -- dread.

martin & muñoz purchase their figurines at model train stores and painstakingly paint, water proof, and assemble each into a diorama. bits of silicate are added in order to simulate snowflakes.

check out MORE of martin & muñoz's chilly scenes after the JUMP.

(via fabulist).

whoranging after the wilkerson flat screen tv console


okay, i can no longer contain it...i must tell you about this 1950s-styled, flat-panel television console that i saw at the dwell on design show.  i've been resisting because a). all of the pictures i took of it at the show totally blew, b). it's not available yet nor is there an estimated retail price (my guess is $$$$), and c). i was hoping i'd find some fab pictures of it online. but, alas, this is the best i can do.

let me describe...it's modern day technology meets beaver-o-rama cool.  simply stick your 42" flat-screen plasma TV inside (you have one, don't you?) and it fits snuggly into the sustainable hardwood frame.  the results:  wanted.  unfortunately, you can't really see the level of craveability in the image above. other model sizes are being considered for smaller apartment dwellers.

the designer, joe wilkerson, told me he unveiled the console prototype at the dwell show to gage interest.  considering i could name about 4000 people off of the top of my head who would want it, i think he's got the next polar bear on his hands.

dialed in: zihotch retro phone watch


back in the olden days, telephones had a dial instead of buttons or a touch screen.  of course, i am much too young to remember this, but i trust the archivists.

the folks at japan's maywadenki fashioned the zihotch retro phone watch to pay homage to the phones of yore; but don't worry, kids, there is a modern twist.  this watch talks to you.  yes.  simply dial 117 and the watch will literally tell you what time it is. 

but wait, there's more.  if you dial the wrong number, it will say, "we are sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service. please check and call again."  you can also set it to receive a personal wake up call every morning.

now if only it had a camera and internet access...

available here.

get on it: little zoo art print giveaway at poppytalk


poppytalk and fawn & forest are having a groovy elizabeth soule "little zoo" art print giveaway that ends in about 2.5 hours.  i know, i'm alerting you at the last minute, but sometimes you have to be prepared to jam, people, especially when it involves polars bears.  because as we all know, polar bears are the new owls.

to enter, visit fawn & forest and comment on your fav fawn & forest item on poppytalk's forum.  the winner will be picked tomorrow, so put down your bon bons and get cracking.

enter to win jonathan adler's happy chic home contest


listen up, darlings! sir jonathan adler and PointClickHome are searching for the happiest, grooviest, and chicest home in america and they are giving away super swell prizes to prove it!

to enter, simply email three to six pictures of your fab interiors to this address with a 100-250 word description explaining why jonathan adler's design has inspired you and how you've transformed your casa into a happy chic abode.


on august 28, 2008, the lucky home will be chosen and the winner will receive a $2,500 jonathan adler gift card.  second and third place winners will receive gift cards for $500 and $100, respectively, and all three winners will receive a signed copy of jonathan adler: my prescription for anti-depressive living.

last call for submissions is august 21st.  click here for more info.

and darlings, if you win, think of me and remember just three little words:  squirrel ring box!

whorange of the week: the pig cooking lid


if there is one thing i learned from the movie BABE, it's that all pigs have their purpose.  case in point, the pig cooking lid.

the soft silicone lid can be placed directly over a cooking pot, and steam releases through the snout for even cooking and endless entertainment.  it can also be used to cover food in the microwave and as a grip to open lids.

it's the hardest working pig in town, people, and for its multitasking efforts, i crown this porcine pot top whorange of the week.

a tip of the tiara to you, little piggy!

(via crib candy).

ed emberly vs. the solid gold dancers


while cruising jenn ski's website, i came across ed emberly's book "drawing book of animals."  perhaps if i read this book as a child, i would actually know how to draw something.

instead, i spent my formative years dreaming of one day becoming a solid gold dancer.


but, darlings, i have no regrets.

click here to nurture your inner artist and purchase ed emberly's craveable little book.

and, click HERE to see the solid gold dancers in action and join me on the path to ruin.  you know you want to.

lighting junkie: stuart haygarth


while drinking & flipping through the july/august 2008 issue of dwell, i came across the eco-licious work of london-based artist/designer stuart haygarth

stuart makes chandeliers, light boxes, and other fab creations out of found objects such as eyewear, water bottles, and plastic containers.  many of his materials are donated, collected from the city sidewalks, or gathered from the dungeness coastline of kent, england where he lives.

my personal fav is his "millennium chandelier" (pictured above), which is comprised of 1000 exploded party poppers collected from the streets of london on january 1, 2000.

junk made pretty is what whoranging is all about.  but, junk made pretty and practical is even better.  it's like whoranging with a sensible pair of platform shoes.


above:  the "tide chandelier" is comprised of man made debris that washed up along the kent coastline.

view MORE of stuart's repurposed lighting and artworks, including a chandelier made from 1020 pairs of prescription glasses, after the JUMP.

summer solstice swinging: the (wh)orange blossom cocktail

(image via  flea fly flo fun).

what better way to ring in the summer solstice tomorrow than to get sauced off of a fantastically flowery cocktail?

the "orange blossom" (or "whorange blossom" as we like to call it) was originally mixed by my gal miss coco and has since become the go-to libation for anything worthy of celebration -- which is just about everything.

10 tablespoons fresh chilled orange juice
10 tablespoons grand marnier
10 tablespoons chilled absolut mandarin
2 1/2 teaspoons orange flower water
5 cups chilled champagne
10 orange peel slices

pour 1 tablespoon orange juice, 1 tablespoon grand marnier, and 1 tablespoon vodka into each of 10 champagne flutes. for each drink, stir in 1/4 teaspoon orange flower water and fill with 1/2 cup champagne. garnish drinks with orange slices.

wear a bikini for best results.

(image via jan from seattle).

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