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DEAR WHORANGE: camp counseling

(image via sunset flame).


i'm going camping along the oregon coast next weekend and have no idea what to do.  didn't you recently go camping?  i don't recall seeing any pictures or hearing a follow-up report.  is that a bad sign?

i need your guidance and wisdom.

oh, and your hair looks fantastic today!

portland, OR

darling CJ,

i didn't share my pictures because they were completely uncraveable.  imagine woodstock without the rose-colored lenses of LSD -- lots of dirt, dancing, trail mix, experimental music, and guitar playing. 

since my pedicure held up to the elements better than i did, i may be slightly unqualified to give you camping advice -- and by slightly unqualified, i mean completely unqualified. 

however, i will not leave you empty handed, because at WHORANGE, it's all about you.  below are tools i believe may help you.

journey bravely into the wilderness, my friend.

stay pretty,


above:  a handy camping guide (15.00) written by bust magazine contributor heather menicucci with illustrations by the fabulous susie ghahremani.


above:  woodgrain pillows (39.00 each) to rest your shower-yearning head upon.  the log shape will maintain an outdoor feel while providing much deserved comfort.


above:  a set of four glass dessert plates with camping motif (60.00).   when you haven't showered in days, it's scientifically proven that pretty yet impractical glass plates are a welcome sight.  i am not sure what the top right image is, though.  i can only assume it's very important and designed to enhance your camping pleasure.

(questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at tula@whorange.net.  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE., your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply).

life in a quaker town

i'd like to give a ginormous xoxo to all of the kind folks who emailed me yesterday to see if i was okay after the 5.4 earthquake.  rest assured, growing up in los angeles, i've conditioned myself to only take notice if a quake surpasses the 6.0 mark.  otherwise, it's shopping as usual.

miss bettie page did take a spill on my fireplace mantle, however...


and for those of you who asked me what a trembler feels like, i'd say it's sort of like walking in platform shoes on quaaludes...


in other words, it's just like any other day.

keep calm and panic on


for those of us who simply can't keep calm and carry on, we now have a doable alternative.

available here and here.

(via the fabulous lucky nest).

a shade of whorange: the sorapot teapot


your psychic's tea leaf readings will be a breeze thanks to this deco-styled teapot.

bugs + bunnies plates by james victore nyc


these plates by acclaimed graphic designer/illustrator/artist james victore are cute and all, but at 400.00 per set, that's some mighty pricey porn.

available via supermarket.

poptastic: pull tab purses & pop top fashion


before the invention of the "modern day" aluminum can pull tab, there was the completely removable pop top.  for those of us old enough to remember them (yes, that means you, darling), these sharp little tops met their bitter end after they abundantly and dangerously littered our beaches, parks, sidewalks, and oceans.

during their reign, however, some of these metallic pop tops sparkled their way onto the fashion scene via hats, skirts, vests, and belts.  check out the phab photos (above) from the book Pop Topping!


nowadays, modern pull tabs have, unfortunately, also become a dominant source of litter, sitting atop large seas of abandoned aluminum cans.  however, much like the past, today's designers have also found fashionable usage for the discarded tabs.

for example, san francsico based escama studio works with womens cooperatives in brazil to craft modern and sleek purses from tabs collected along the brazilian beaches.  these fair-trade cooperatives offer women a supportive community and the means to earn a living wage through handicrafts.  over the course of four years, approximately 70,000 bags have been produced through escama's program.

all of the bags pictured above are part of escama studio's collection, with the exception of the top left purse, which was crafted independently by the inspirational brazilian artist neide ambrosio.

self-medicate: new needlepoint pillows by jonathan adler


it's been a long week, kittens.  mama needs her fix.

hug it out or fill your prescription for nifty new needlepoint.

milk crate furniture


the evolution of starving student decor.

(via apartment therapy).

animal magnetism: catherine ledner photography

nestled on my coffee table between john waters's "shock value" and the tinseltown tome "hollywood babylon" is the book "animal house" by photographer catherine ledner.  if you haven't taken a peek inside of catherine's darling little book, i suggest that you do...or at least check out her website.

catherine's work proves that "cute animals + 1940s-inspired wallpaper = whorange."

it's a powerful formula, people.  apply it liberally.



whoranging for insound 20 & the small stakes


i recently received an email from jason munn at the small stakes telling me about his craveable collaboration with insound.  jason developed exclusive designs for 20 of insound's favorite bands.  the fab designs are available on american apparel tees and hoodies as well as 200 limited edition, hand-printed, signed & numbered posters.

here is the list of bands:

beirut, the black heart procession, built to spill, calexico, clap your hands say yeah, constantines, death cab for cutie, the decemberists, department of eagles, josé gonzález, grizzly bear, the hold steady, magnolia electric co., the national, the new pornographers, okkervil river, peter bjorn and john, she & him, spoon, and the thermals.

i'm obsessed with josé gonzález.  i need some of that booty.

psst...enter insoundtwenty10 during checkout to get 10% off your order!

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