i saw lorena barrezueta's "listen lady" porcelain pendants on d*s the other day and found them quite fetching.  each piece features 22k gold artwork in designs ranging from the american manual alphabet, thumbs up, thumbs down, peace, love, and a fist.

by the way, i learned the american manual alphabet as a child and would practice signing it faster than any of my classmates.  i think i got it down to six seconds.


the only problem i have with wearing one of lorena's pendants is my first name begins with the letter "T", and in sign language, a "T" looks like the manual configuration for game "i've got your nose."  (see an example here).  wearing this symbol around my neck may not be the signal i want to send to strangers, especially those sensitive about their noses.

less like to send a mixed message are lorena's graphic bangles which feature groovy patterns such as rolex & casio watches, houndstooth, and sun rays.