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tricking for treats


to ensure an evening filled with much decadence and little regret -- always use the buddy system, carry a reusable candy bag, and practice your safety word.

now get tricking!

(blythe trick-or-treat bags via lemon lime designs.)

shades of black & whorange


above:  1."still life from the series now is forever" by john murphy (150.00);  2. wise ol' cookie jar (128.00);  3. thomas paul file folder set (11.00);  4. acmestudio collage wrist watch (142.00);  5. acmestudio negro e fluro wrist watch (75.00);  6. notneutral triton laquer tray (130.00);  7. sprig & berry earrings (44.00);  8. jonathan adler anger pillow (165.00);  9. jonathan adler joy pillow (165.00);  10. orange gerber ring (178.00);  11. YSL moonlight slingbacks (396.00);  12. karim rashid, symbolic bowl (1060.00).

the haunted houses of valero doval


so many hauntings, so little time...

...dare to visit mr. doval's haunted houses here.

whorange spotting in france with photographer daniel scharfman


with honors, i share with you a letter and photograph from friend of WHORANGE, new york-based photographer daniel scharfman:

"Hi Tula,

when I saw this lying in the street of the old quarter of Annecy in France last month, I thought of WHORANGE.  Such style!  Not only is Annecy on one of the beautiful French lakes in the Haute Savoie...but they also have an antique flea market on the last Sunday of the month.  And pastry
to die for.

I meant to send on your birthday.  Happy belated!

And of course, your hair looks great today.

xxx Daniel"

tying the knot at the marvimon


(image via valerie's picture playground.)

i admit it, poodles...when it comes to wedding planning, i'm feeling a bit in the weeds.  despite my natural tendency to be an OCD planner, i'm trying to take some pressure off of myself and not helm the entire wedding ship.  therefore, steve and i (gasp!) hired a planner to help us out a few months ago.

all of my friends are shocked considering my love of planning and conceptualizing, however, our married friends told me that hiring a planner actually ends up saving money in the long run and the psychological comfort is well worth it.  so, we'll see!  i'm just so anxious and excited to get everything sorted out, but our planner keeps telling me to enjoy being engaged and trust that she's going to execute the vision i laid out.

nonetheless, i have managed to sort out a few things fun things on my own.  i secured an amazing location, called the marvimon, planned our menu, and got a dress.  and guess what?  a few days ago, i noticed that the marvimon was featured on design*sponge!  how exciting is that?

(marvimon images via al.herrmann.  flowers by holly vesecky.)

in case you missed d*s's post yesterday, the marvimon house is quite craveable.  located in downtown los angeles, the lofty, indoor/outdoor spot was the first place steve and i checked out, and it was instantly a done deal.

in 2004, artist miguel nelson and fashion designer sherry walsh purchased and revamped the 7000-square foot warehouse, which was originally an italian sports car showroom in the 1920s, and made it their home.  to cover costs, miguel devised the brilliant idea to rent out their new home as an event space for music performances, secret restaurants, fashion shows, weddings, and film shoots (including an x-rated video, which i'm sure was fabulous!).


the eco-friendly duo also made a conscious effort to repurpose the building's materials and even built furniture from the salvaged lumber.  solar was eventually installed, making their green space even greener.

needless to say, i think it's a good place for me and steve to tie the knot.


on a final note, i noticed that my favorite northwestern dandy, uncle beefy, left a comment on design*sponge's site, giving the marvimon house his seal of approval.  can't go wrong there.  beefy always knows best.

(marvimon fireplace image via al.herrmann.)

plushy vittles: crocheted food by nicole gastonguay


to ensure that all five food groups are represented in my daily diet, i always refer to nicole gastonguay's crocheted food index.

milk -- check.
bologna -- check.
tv dinner -- check.
pickles -- check.
moonshine -- check.

julien pacaud's creature couture


while visiting planet fabulon, i encountered a collection of collaged and coutured creatures crafted by the hands of parisian artist julien pacaud.

fauna-o-rama fabulous!

whorangette birthday


it's my birthday today, poodles.  i'm not quite sweet 16 anymore, but i am, and always will be, younger than zsa zsa.

the key to looking fabulous year after year:  birthday cake, not botox.

(image via retro food.)

hollywood D.C.: lights! camera! election! opening night at world of wonder's gallery


(above: "batmobama and robiden" by paul richmond; "science fiction" by kahla walkoski; "farah palin" by jamie boling; "abraham obama" by ron english.)

last night, i boogied on down to the world of wonder storefront gallery in hollywood to attend the opening night of their latest eye candy extravaganza, "hollywood D.C.: lights! camera! election!"  known as a place where "high art and low brow collide," world of wonder always curates a delicious collection of works by cutting edge and breakthrough artists.  if you haven't visited this cornerstore gallery yet, put it on your list of things to do...and then do it today.


(above:  "obama and the family" by david mitchell; "condoleezza rice" by jason mercier; "Gum Blonde LIII" by jason kronenwald.)

"lights! camera! election!" features the work of 40+ artists, each serving up their twisted visions of current and historic political and celebrity figures.  a 1970s "farah palin" pin-up graces the walls alongside a democratic, dynamic duo of "batmobama and robiden."  hillary's portrait is crafted from chewed bubblegummr. brainwash represents with a few pieces, including his blonde marilyns, as does the amazing jason mecier with his "condoleezza rice" rice portrait.


(above: me and santino rice; reality queens heather and bobby trendy; hosts heidi and spencer)

the night was filled with go-go dancers, blue cotton candy handouts, svedka vodka cocktails, james st. james blow-by-blow reporting, rupaul strutting, and hosts heidi and spencer from that show walking around and posing for lots of pictures.  i even met project runway's darling, santino rice, who is about twice my height.


(above: "the fresh prince of DC" by jamie boling.)

the show is up for just a few weeks, so slip on your $150,000.00 outfit, jet on down to hollywood blvd., and get ready to soak in a little political pop culture.

WOW storefront gallery
6650 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

october 23rd - november 8th

admission is FREE!

MORE pictures taken by me after the JUMP, including one that may not be NSFW.  USA!

banksy's village pet store and charcoal grill

Banksys pet store bunnyBanksys pet store chicken nuggets leopard

(images via pavol sulek.)

at bansky's village pet store, a rhesus monkey watches primate porn, fish sticks swim freely, and a hen watches her chick McNuggets peck happily away on a bbq sauce packet.  the shop's rule is simple -- "please do not tap on the glass."  after all, you don't want to disturb these little animontronic creatures.

the sandwich board sign outside reads, "open for pet supplies/rare breeds/mechanically retrieved meat.”  nothing is for sale, though, inside of the mock shop despite stacks of canned dog and cat food, quail eggs, and packaged mystery meats.  the store's keeper, however, will be happy to introduce you to the newborn litter of hot dog pups.

the elusive, british artist's exhibition cleverly explores the strange relationship that we humans have with our animal friends/food.  i was lucky enough to catch banksy's graffiti art show in los angeles a few years back.  i can only hope his pet project takes up shop in los angeles soon.  

visit banksy's village pet store and charcoal grill on 7th avenue between west 4th and bleeker street in new york.  the exhibition is free and open daily from 10 am - 12 am until october 31st.

click below to see these little caged creatures move!

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