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wedding a go go: sadistic shoes and other joys

1960s bride veil and short dress vintage

okay, kittens, it's happening...i'm gonna talk wedding.

for several months, the bitter queen in me has resisted subjecting you to bridal blathering.  however, as the date draws closer, i find myself consumed with flyaway veils and chuppah construction rather than more whorangable items such as owl shows or lipstick tampon holders.  don't worry, the phase will soon pass.

but, in the meantime, let me give you a little skinny on the wedding pretty...

picking the dress was easy.  i walked into a small, low-profile boutique.  my hair was unfabulous, i wore no makeup, a dress called my name, i stripped, i zipped, i purchased.

the shoes, however, have been another story.  strappy shoes are so sadistically seductive, but unfortunately, i have the feet of a linebacker, so delicate just won't do.  i need something strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

behold -- eight pretty pairs that seduced me, then kicked me to the curb...


{above: left to right, top to bottom. kate spade lola (160.00);  chinese laundry jet set (46.00);  charles david dovey (109.95);  caparros zelda (64.50);  kate spade lyla (172.28);  mackenzie (69.99);  kate spade loupe (298.00);  bandolino eira (58.95).}

it's okay.  i'm already so over them.

now, if i could only find these sultry slides...


i think gloria would want me to have them!

{image via the magnificent fabulon.}

whoranging for sugarloop


illustrator and print maker bernadette sipkes of sugarloop draws inspiration for her giclĂ©es, goccos, and goods from vintage kitchenware, florence broadhurst wallpaper, marimekko, and scandinavian design.  in other words, there is nothing not to whorange.

visit bernadette's shoppe here and stay in the sugarloop loop here.


lovin' loli


nothing says happy valentine's day better than a little lolita, a little eye candy, and a little stop motion animation fanciness.

the song is catchy...and it's in french!  so when you're trying to romance that special someone/stranger tonight, you can do it with the language of love.



To my sweetheart by bing crosby

love you madly, kittens.  happy friday the 13th pre-valentines day!

{image via froggy boggler.}

more pillow talk: matte stephens pillows at urban outfitters

Matte Stephens pillow Urban Outfitters

if it weren't for the marvelous miss helen at orange you lucky, i never would have known these amazing matte stephens pillows existed at urban outfitters, and that, my darlings, would not only be a crime, it would be a ginormous crime.

each fabulous pillow is 32 bux and available here.

AND if you'd  have a little more matte in your life (and who doesn't?), visit velocity art & design and matte's etsy shoppe and peruse the craveable art.

Matte stephens bird NYC

happy freedom to marry week!

Freedom to marry week

i'd like to take a moment to worship the fabulous wedding blog, something old, something new, for bringing awareness to the fact that this week is the 12th annual freedom to marry week (february 8th-14th).

as many of you know, i am fortunate enough to soon be marrying the person i love.  both my and steve's wish is that every couple will be given the same opportunity -- wholeheartedly, legally, and without prejudice.

learn more about the freedom to marriage coalition here.  click here to learn how you can get involved.

and, click here to show your support of mackenzie of something old, something new for expressing her support for the equal right to marriage.  although many of mackenzie's readers supported her choice, others did not.

thank you, mackenzie!  you're the queen of class, darling.


Ann wood cake toppers grooms

{above:  ann wood cake toppers.}

rex ray special event at gallery 16 in san francisco

Rex Ray gallery 16 new work San Francisco

attention, poodles:  if you are living in, whoranging about, or visiting san francisco tomorrow, boogie on down to gallery 16 between 6-9 pm to watch one of the most fabulous abstract artists, rex ray, put the finishing touches on the largest painting of his career -- an epic 9' x 25' canvas.

that's 9' x 25', people!

Rex ray gallery 16 new work san francisco 2

this is a rare and unique opportunity to see the genius at work.  the magnificent canvas will be part of rex's solo exhibition at the museum of contemporary art denver next month.

so, put on your party dress and get ready to see a masterpiece in motion at gallery 16.  there will also be music, cocktails, and a selection of mr. ray's canvases, collages, and prints for sale.

Rex ray gallery 16 new work san francisco 3Rex ray gallery 16 new work san francisco 4

rex ray: "it's finished when i'm done!"

gallery 16
501 third street
san francisco, ca 94107

thursday, february 12th
6:00-9:00 pm

rsvp to vanessa at vanessa@gallery16.com

winged wonders: flight attendant fashionistas


 Vintage flight attendant uniforms white

 as a semi-collector of vintage flight attendant uniforms, i view air travel as a wonderfully winged catwalk.  sure, today's flight attendant frocks are more demure than decades past, but the fashionable history still lives on in my heart.


above: alexander girard styled braniff airlines along with emilio pucci.  lucky ladies!

Vintage flight attendant uniforms 
please note the always lovely pink/red girard-esque color blocking below left and coordinating scarf and skirt below right.   simply sublime.


and never, and i mean never, underestimate the power of the go-go boot.

60s flight attendant uniforms

have a fabulous flight!

{images via lino m., prada girl, and dark roasted coffee.}


butterflies & knots: the art of gretchen wagoner

Gretchen Wagoner double sailors cross

one of my fav artists, gretchen wagoner, recently contacted me regarding the debut of her gorgeous new work at nahcotta.

the craveable collection is also part of the "enormous tiny show" in portsmouth, NH.  click here for more info on the show and how to purchase a flutteriffic piece for yourself.

Gretchen wagoner enormous tiny art show butterflies knots

audrey hepburn: smokin' hot

Audrey Hepburn smoking with deer Pippin

proof positive that audrey hepburn truly was magical.

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