The uniform project Sheena Matheiken
The uniform project Sheena Matheiken same dress 

that's right, poodles -- 1 dress, 365 days.

the lovely sheena matheiken is wearing the same dress for an entire year!  it's the premise behind the uniform project which promotes sustainable and reimagined fashion.

here's the skinny on the pretty:  sheena has seven identical dresses -- one for each day of the week.  the dress is versatile enough to be worn both backwards and forwards.  miss sheena switches up her look each day using primarily hand-me-down, vintage, or donated accessories and layers.

but, it doesn't end there!  the uniform project is also a fundraiser for the akanksha foundation -- a grassroots foundation that benefits education in india.  at the end of the year, all financial contributions to the uniform project help provide uniforms and other educational expenses for slum children in india.

oh, the power of one dress!

click here to learn more about the uniform project.  and, while you're there, check out all of sheena's creative outfits and show your support!