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whorange of the week: my very own apple green eames chair!

Apple green eames chair and deer_

after 800 years of whoranging for the green eames management chair, my dream has finally come true...in mini form!  and, i owe it all to the amazing miss laura sweet from if it's hip, it's here.

after reading about my chair craving two weeks ago, miss laura tweeted me to say she had a "miniature version of the chair that needed me."  the next thing i knew, this little green gem arrived on my doorstep!

receiving such a thoughtful, kind, and darling gift from one of my blogging heroes is better than winning miss america.  it's even better than my best hair day.

thank you so much, laura.  you are truly the bestest!


Veruschka and mini green eames chair

WHORANGE = design crisis guest blogger

Whorange guest blogger
hello, darlings!

today, i am guest blogging over at the super fabulous design crisis.  you're on the guest list (+1), so stop on by.  i'll pour you a cold beverage and we'll discuss the magical world of rainbows.

it promises to be one of the fanciest posts i've ever written!  seriously, i've never danced in heels quite this high before!

so, come feel the love, and don't be shy to slip me a note and let me know what you think.



Alex prager photography big valley 2008
Alex prager photography big valley 2008 polyester

of course, your hair looks fantastic today, darlings!  however, when in doubt, never ever hesitate to embrace the wig.

{the fabulous photography of alex prager.}

love cats: stella marrs wedding card

Stella marrs wedding card

someone, please get married so i can send you this card.

available at buy olympia.

banksy versus bristol museum, part 2

Bansky versus bristol museum donut police escort

after mentioning the "bansky versus bristol museum" exhibition last month, i got a message from my darling friend, mr. matt, who happened to be whoranging over in england at the time.  eager to see a little bansky in the flesh, he hopped on over to bristol, with camera phone in hand, and stood in the ginormous queue.

luckily for us, mr. matt snapped a few fabulous shots exclusively for WHORANGE.  he even captured the coveted "mouse with backpack" that i wanted to see so desperately.  it's tucked away inside of the natural history exhibit...

Bansky versus bristol museum mouse with backpack

along the way, he spotted a bong in the china cabinet...

Bansky versus bristol museum bong

the classics were up to business as usual...

Bansky versus bristol museum neptune cod piece and mary ipod

a gas masked ballerina danced amongst a jaunty bunch...

Bansky versus bristol museum gas mask ballerina statue

bansky gave us a peek into his workspace...

Bansky versus bristol museum workspace

plus much, much more...

Bansky versus bristol museum tourist ricksawBansky versus bristol museum exit through gift shop 2

the banksy exhibition goes on until august 31st, so hop on over if you can.

thank you, mr. matt, for the lovely pictures.  a tip of the tiara to you, darling!

summer vacation with matte stephens

Admiral Seymour Doughtridge and sea lionsMatte Stephens

swimming with sea lions.

Matte stephens yosemite

honeymooning in yosemite.

Matte stephens amsterdam

cruising through amsterdam.

Floating over boston matte stephens

floating over boston.

Trolley through new orleans matte stephens

trolley ride down canal street in new orleans.

Ride through central park matte stephens

a horseback ride through central park.

Summer reading matte stephens

a summer read in the grass.

Vacation paris italy matte stephens

and everything in between.

craveable vacations courtesy of matte stephens.

cocktail hour at WHORANGE!

Vintage International Recipe Card Collection cocktails1977
Vintage International Recipe Card Collection cocktails1977 pink squirrel
happy friday, darlings!  the bar is open.  please help yourself to a low-cal bologna finger sandwich or refreshing creme de menthe frappe.

for dessert, i whipped up a delicious Sanka aspic, so get your spoons ready!  it's stiff and ready to serve.

{clockwise from top left: creme de menthe frappeblue cloudshamrockcariocairish shillelaghpink squirrelnew york sourstrawberry wine punch with strawberry ice ring.} {via charm and poise.}

curtain call: silhouette masterpiece theatre

Silhouette masterpiece theatre
once again, wilhelm staehle has conjured up more brilliant works for his silhouette masterpiece theatre.

however, did you know mr. staehle is also dabbles in twitter?  it's true.  staehle's tweets bestow tiny bits of valuable wisdom such as:

"the fact that squirrels can not remain still is one of their many charms. but it does pose quite a challenge when trying to dress them."


"when one has insomnia one is to count sheep. but, what if one has a paralyzing fear that one is actually counting wolves in sheep's clothing?"

food for thought.

Silhouette masterpiece theatre dandy lion

finally, WHORANGE dedicates this delightful piece to dandy-extraordinaires uncle beefy, mr. peacock, thom of fabulon, and maison21.  gentlemen, we love you!


Vintage A line house illustrations
they just don't make A-Frames like they used to.

{via grain edit.}

my DIY letterpress thank you cards

DIY letterpress thank you card

okay, kittens.  here it is -- my letterpress class report.  i know i promised to write about my adventures in letterpress about five thousand years ago, but ye ole wedding and computer meltdown slowed me down.  as a result of my tardiness, i will make this a two part series.

also, to those lovely readers who contacted me regarding class details, thank you for your patience.   a special tip of the tiara to you.

now please keep in mind 1). this was a beginning letterpress class at otis art & design in los angeles, therefore, i don't know what other schools/classes are like;  2).  all notes are stored precariously in my head, so proceed with caution;  and 3). pictures were taken with my camera phone under fluorescent lights, so details are not fabulous.

okay, let's boogie...

DIY letterpressing class otis mixing soy ink

the class supplies several ink colors for student use.  most are soy based and can be mixed to achieve the color of your dreams.  black ink, however, tends to print on the dark gray side (at least it did for me), so if you want a true black, you may need to test out different inks or consult an expert.  also, inks print a lot lighter than they look on the mixing plate.  if the ink looks orange, most likely it will print yellow.  if it looks red, you may get pink.

Letterpress class DIY funiture wood metal

you will learn how to set up a press bed.  above is a set up for photopolymer plates, which is what i used to print my designs.  my instructor and letterpress guru, gerald lange, makes excellent photopolymer plates.  prices vary, but my plates ranged between 38.00-65.00 depending on the size and intricacies of my design.  some students didn't create plates, and instead worked with the array of metal and wood type available in the classroom.  more on that in a later post.

Photopolymer plate letterpress

after peeling and sticking the reusable photopolymer plate to the metal grid plate, it's basically like a game of tetris getting it into place.  you take different lengths and widths of metal and wood blocks (called "furniture") and set your bed.

DIY letterpress inking thank you card before after

then you dab a little ink on your rollers and let 'em spin.

the longest (and least glamorous) part of the letterpress process is adjusting your rollers and aligning (or "registering") your image to the paper.  it can take hours.  the actual process of printing is the payoff.

DIY letterpress class otis vandercook

students supply their own paper.  other printing materials and machinery are available in the classroom.

i made about 60 of these pink "thanks, deer" cards in one night...

DIY letterpress thank you adler ring squirrel

and here is another thank you card i printed one day, because you can never say thank you enough.

DIY letterpress thank you card squirrel

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