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what i really want to know is...


...who do i need to sleep with to get this bubble chandelier?

{via peacock feathers.}

getting the skinny on skinny laminx


yesterday, while cruising this chair on creativadoration, i realized this deer fabric needed me dearly.

unaware of where to find the fabric, i turned to my twitter and beckoned the tweety universe.  goddesses minouette and zoetropa tweeted back and pointed me in the direction of designer south african skinny laminx.

miss skinny laminx not only offers her deer-tastic fabric, but she also sells other seductive selections by the yard along with tea towels, totes, toys, and other tasty treats.





oh, snap: still life polaroids by andy warhol





brillo pad, perfume, banana, and soup can still life polaroids shot by andy between 1977 and 1983.

polaroids and warhol.  miss 'em both.

{via hypebeast.}


leg up




happy friday, kittens!

may your legs find themselves in many craveable and compromising positions this weekend.


{photography by sosij via the scoop.}

whoranging in the work place with 26 olive street




from vintage catch all trays to flip-number perpetual calendars, 26 olive street offers a bevy of craveable desk accessories for the sexy secretary, executive, entrepreneur, millionaire, billionaire, and/or zillionaire in all of us.

{available at 26 olive street's etsy shoppe.}

where the wild things are: pop up shop at space 1520


put on your crowns, kittens, and prepare for adventure.  space 15 twenty is currently housing the where the wild things are pop up shop in anticipation of spike jonze upcoming film.

an indoor forest filled with glorious goods awaits your arrival, including a set of exclusive film maker prints signed by spike jonze and cinematographer lance acord.


the store is pure wall-to-wall adventure with gallery installations, creature couture, t-shirts, dolls, books, hideaway tree trunks, and wild-inspired decor.


...and this hut.

best news is, all proceeds go to dave eggers's writing and tutoring center for kids -- 826LA.


the where the wild things are pop up shop un-pops october 18th, so boogie on down to the hollywood local soon.

otherwise, i'm sending you to bed without any supper.

(images via kitsune noir and space 15 twenty's flickr.}

whoranging for will cotton's eye candy



cotton candy clouds, cotton candy cups, and cotton candy cravings.

for the PMS in all of us.

{art: will cotton's clouds;  steve castle's tree. table images: via edyta szyszlo.}

lovers i had and liked: archie grand notebooks

Archie Grand blank notebook artists i met and liked

the fabulous editor of archie grand recently sent me an email regarding their ridiculously swell blank notebooks.

if you have ever met a nobel, artist, communist, or socialite you liked (and who hasn't?), you can now document your luscious encounter within the 160 pages of archie's colorful books.

i would quickly fill the pages of "royals i met and liked" with every drag queen i know.

and be sure to check out archie's friends and family page.  met them.  like them.

notebooks are available here.
WHORANGE daily affirmations via laura george


Laura_george_youre_doing_everything_right Laura_george_be_nice_to_yourself Laura_george_i_am_eating_your_head_full copy

when "hang in there" kitten posters fail to lift my mood, i turn to the positive affirmations of artist laura george to get me through the day.

miss laura's wise words and cuddly graphics remind me that despite all of the chaos in this world, i always -- and i mean always --have the option to take my pants off.

prints available here.

{via the always warm and fuzzy design boner.}

the dark and darling world of amanda visell



from possessed baby chairs to boy scout bat prey, the mid-century styled artwork of amanda visell is merrily macabre -- just like it like it.

but there's more, kittens.  miss amanda makes toys, too!  as a kid, i would have played sacrifice the princess with this girl scout eating dragon...

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