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halloween hued whorange: black & orange a go go


above:  1. black bird camera (139.00);  2 & 3. la perla "about a woman" & "venus allure" bra (240.00 each);  4. peacock feather tights (29.99);  5. owl chico key fob (18.00);  6. george nelson ball clock (335.00);  7. VW wind up bus (31.22);  8. hey there, tiger card (4.00);  9. the visible ghost print by hybrid-home (40.00);  10. wool felt card holder (40.00).

above:  11. sarah utter poketo wallet (20.00); 12. orange pantone mug (11.95);  13. people power water bottle (17.99);  14. deer and sunset belt and buckle (175.00);  15. beast and beauties pot (64.00);  16. notneutral tetra 6 drawer dresser (2200.00).

wishing you a fabulously frightening weekend!

the devil in mrs. schneider


I just received this video from my gal pal, elisabeth, and it's packed full of sultry goodness.  pour yourself a cocktail, grab some nicorette, and hit play, darlings.

sparkles, smoking, and slinkies never looked sexier.

(for ultra-fabulous results, watch in full screen mode!)

o-hell: three apple's hello kitty 35th anniversary party at Royal/T

{above image: "hell kitty" by slick.}

my love/hate relationship with hello kitty turned a little lustful this past weekend after receiving a full feline injection at the three apple's 35th anniversary party for hello kitty at Royal/T.

perhaps it was the degree of inspiration hello kitty sparked within the artists and designers that made the popular puss easier to dig, and in some cases...even worship.  or, perhaps i finally just drank that damn kitty Koolaid.



the candy-colored kitty exhibition was curated by jamie rivadeneria, owner of the fab pop-shop japan LA.  the fab folks at flux were the party throwers.  it was "super fan day," and the atmosphere was, well...super.  everything from hello kitty vintage wares, modern appliances, designer collaborations, arcade games, one-of-a-kind art, celebrity frocks, claymation stop-motion flicks, and a kitty airstream trailer were on display.

to see my adventures in the airstream trailer, click here.


{above: sid vicious & hello kitty mural by mr. brainwash.}


{above left: "hello krampus" by travis louie; above right: "sacred kitty" by DEPH.}


{above: hello kitty worshipers, models, and tattoos.}

Karl Lagerfeld and Hello Kitty Diva by plasticgod

{above: karl lagerfeld and devo "plastic kitty icons" by plasticgod.}


{above: "magic love hello kitty in candyland" by tara mcpherson.}

here's one of my personal faves.  a hello kitty velvet painting...


{above left: "black velvet kitty" by misha;  above right: lady gaga by markus klinko & indrani.}



{above: paris hilton's hello kitty dress and katy perry's hello kitty outfit;  bottom left: heatherette for hello kitty;  bottom right:  anna sui for hello kitty.}


{above left: lada gaga's hello kitty plushy gown; above right: "cosmic kitty" by colin christian.}


{above: hello kitty fans in pink and royal/T waitress in signature, frilly maid outfit.}


{above:  jason mercier's junk drawer hello kitty.}

you made it to the end, poodles.  congratulations!  if you found the ride a bit nauseating, i understand.  sometimes one gal's WHORANGE is another person's hell.


three apples: an exhibition celebrating 35 years of hello kitty
when:  now - november 15th
where: royal/t, 8910 washington blvd., culver city, CA 90232

{all images by WHORANGE.  aren't i fancy?}

whoranging inside of the hello kitty airstream trailer at Royal/T


over the weekend, i slipped on my go go boots and shimmied on down to Royal/T for three apples's hello kitty 35th anniversary party.

more event pix to come, but first up...please enjoy my adventures inside of the HELLO KITTY SILVER AIRSTREAM RV!  fake camping has never felt more craveable...


designed by cynthia rowley, this luxe pussy wagon features an L-shaped couch, pink shag bedspread, fuchsia-booth dining area, and lots of fab finery including a hello kitty microwave, DVD player, and TV.



a queen kitty deserves a queen sized bed, and that's exactly what this plushy pad-on-wheels offers.

in addition, the sweet ride is not only pink -- it's green!  fully equipped with solar panels, miss kitty's RV gets its sweet loving from the sun.


the cozy airstream will be auctioned on ebay soon.  time and day TBA, but in the meantime, you can indulge in some trailer time of your own by visiting Royal/T on november 1st when the RV will be available again for viewing.

for more info, visit the hello kitty airstream site here

{exterior image via hello kitty airstream.  all other images by WHORANGE.}

in honor of my 21st birthday


hello, kittens!

i'm taking today off to toast my birthday.  actually, yesterday was my birthday, but a girl can keep celebrating as long as her hairdo holds up, can't she?

the pink champagne is chilled, so please help yourself to a glass and let's raise a toast to my 21st birthday...because in Gabor years, i'm only 21!

bottoms up, darlings!

for the love of dandies...


when operating a motor vehicle, please remember that penny-farthers always have the right of way.

{t-shirt available at topatoco.  via the fabulously curated mustache and monocle.}

hello, darlings!


...your hair looks fantastic today!

i'm still shimmying through the streets of manhattan, but unfortunately my blogging abilities are limited due to an antiquated internet connection.  this issue may or may not be resolved by the time doris day finishes her telephone conversation...so let's just say, i'll see you on thursday?

in the meantime, stay pretty, peruse through the WHORANGE archives, and of course...have a doris day!

WHORANGE'S wet weather wardrobe & umbrella fashion


i have never been known for my practical, wet-weather fashion, even when i lived in san francisco.  i've always preferred throwing raincoats over summer dresses, sort of as an homage to holly golightly, i suppose.  for example, i'd go out in something like this...



...and i'd freeze my ass off.  (but, at least i looked great while doing it.)

{top print: matte stephens waiting again (35.00);  parasol pendant (19.99);  garden parasol dress (117.99);  rainy day tote (14.99);  see by chloe rainboots (199.00);  piano man umbrella (29.99);   when life gives you lemons coat (129.99);  charmed cuff gloves (30.00).


shades of whorange: anything desk accessories


these craveable desk accessories by anything are very powerful tools.  if used properly, they have the power to make you:

1). better organized

2). more efficient

3). promotion-worthy

4). younger

5). famous

{available at velocity.}

hell-o: three apples celebrates 35 years of hello kitty at royal/t

{above:  hello kitty by jason mercier.}

hell hath no fury like a hello kitty scorned.

TRUE STORY:  in 5th grade, i referred to hello kitty as "hello shitty" and got my ass kicked.  no joke.  a pack of boys jumped me after school...boys!  seems my kitty comment insulted a few girls, so the boys decided to show me the dark side of sanrio.  so wrong on so many levels, i know.  lip gloss everywhere.

lesson learned:  folks take their hello kitty very, very seriously.  flip off the feline and you unleash the fury.

as a result, i stayed clear of the cat until i received a hello kitty toaster from a co-worker for xmas.  i feared it, too, would kick my ass.  but, i'm happy to report...it's the best damn toaster i've ever had.  it's been seven years now and trust me -- the bitch can TOAST!

also, if you use a piece of whitish bread, hello kitty's face will appear on your slice like the virgin mary.


now, despite my sordid history with hello kitty, i'd like to mention that miss kitty is turning 35-years-old and three apples is throwing her a party extravaganza at royal/t next week.

80 artists, including some WHORANGE favs such as jason mercier and ron english, have created homages to miss kitty.  sales of all artworks benefit the non-profit LA works.


{above: ron english.}


{above left: gary baseman;  above right: lady gaga.}

in true royal/t fashion, the show will also include a pop up shop to sell and display various hello kitty home wares.  i wonder if it will include the infamous hello kitty vibrator.

hope you can come.  see you in hell-o.

three apples: an exhibition celebrating 35 years of hello kitty
when:  october 23rd-november 15th
where: royal/t, 8910 washington blvd., culver city, CA 90232

{via cool hunting.}

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