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"no turning back" animation by celeste potter


as we shimmy into the weekend, i wanted to share this tasty treat i found over at jessica gonacha swift by artist celeste potter.

the song is 'no turning back' by sarah blasko.  and, yes, it will get stuck in your head...but in a good way.

happy friday, kittens!





WHORANGE is bending over for not one...but TWO spankings!

yep, this little blog turns two-years-old today.  that is 730 amazing hair days!

and, i owe it all to you, kittens.  thank you for keeping me inspired everyday.  if it weren't for you, i'd just be another gal with pink foam rollers, a bumpit, and dream.  you're the swellest.


please help yourself to a fruity sorbet and let's toast to another year of design cravings, cat walking, bitch slapping, hair hopping, bra stuffing, heart mending, sequin swilling, ego massaging, artist worshipping, and pad crashing.

and, don't forget to grab a gift bag on the way out!  this year's bag contains one of my favorite items -- the perfectly practical tome "the beautiful peoples book" by princess luciana pignatelli.


click here for a book preview.

love it.  learn it.  live it.  because you're worth it, kittens!


WHORANGE'S monthly pad: pierre cardin's palais bulles


it's that time of the month again, kittens!

today's pad comes to us from the south of france.  designed in the 70s by fashion designer pierre cardin and finnish architect antti lovag, this spherical space goes by the name "palais bulles" or bubble palace.

composed largely of plastic, foam, and polyester, this pad bubbles from the hillside rock face like a coked-out octopus ready to trick its way into studio 54.  it's looking to party and it's got the 28 round bedrooms to prove it. 





no pictures hang from the walls, but floors enjoy a heavy dose of plush wall-to-wall shag carpets.  setting the mood is light that changes throughout the day depending upon time and direction of the sun.



for the full pad experience, visit the palais bulles website.  images also available at the selvedge yard and izismile.

thank you, pierre cardin, for fashioning demure digs in addition to designer duds.  you are a true visionary.  PERIOD.

UPDATE! the fabulous javier just blessed us with a link to this breathtaking video shot inside of pierre's pad. (psst...includes magnificent hair and spaceships!) thanks, javier!

if you'd like your home to be considered for WHORANGE'S montly pad, please drop me a line at tula@whorange.net.  feel free to include two non-flash, composed, sexy pix of your darling den.  no nudity required.  xoxo.

sketchy fellows: the art of anthony zinonos


believe it or not, beneath it all...their hair looks fabulous.

{figure 56 & 42 by anthony zinonos via poppytalk.}

shades of whorange: deedee914's etsy faves



currently stalking miss deedee914's etsy favorites...for obvious reasons.

{above left to right from top:  orange juice glass carafe with 8 cups (32.00);  plastic sphere picnic set (24.00);  vintage salt & pepper set (10.00);  mod heller melamine dinnerware by vignelli (18.00);  yamaha china teapot cups and saucers (69.00)  mid century glass vase (45.00);  german fetap rotary phone (45.00).}

1970s interiors from danish porno mags


have you ever watched a porn and thought to yourself, "those swag lamps would look perfect in my foyer."

well, the kittens at musselsoppans vanner share your vision and have put together a lovely collection of 1970s skin mag interiors.  they even crop the pix to highlight the most juicy bits.


after all, as we often say at WHORANGE, "come for the porn.  stay for the decor."

bubblicious: lindsey adelman's bubble chandeliers






bubble cravings courtesy of lindsey adelman's hand-blown brilliance.

he's crafty: MR. WHORANGE'S DIY valentine's day flowers


kittens, i'm one lucky gal.  not only is my man super foxy...he's crafty, too. 

every valentine's day, we traditionally forgo reservations and gifts and instead make dinner and cards for each other.  however, little did i know my fellow was a master folder until i witnessed this...


this year, steve's card came in the form of orange origami lilies.  xoxo!  and since they're paper, i can keep them forever and ever and ever and ever.



thank you, steve!  not only are these flowers lovely, but they make your hair look fabulous.

love you!!

{psst -- steve learned how to make his paper posies here.}

mommie dearest




like mother, like doll.

{photography by sofia sanchez & mauro mongiello via fashion-ation.}

down with love: downloadable subversive valentines by andrea d'aquino



one of my fave artists, andrea d'aquino, just sent me a delicious set of subversive valentines, and i must say -- i'm in love.

best news is, you can send them to your special someone, too!  yep, miss andrea has lovingly made her valentines downloadable for all to enjoy.  decorate your desktops, send them out as VD emails, or print them.  simply visit her flickr site here and click on "all sizes" to get the largest image.

and, of course, all of andrea's work is also available as high quality prints for your year-round amour enjoyment.  visit her store here.

happy valentine's day!

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