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across the universe with lissy elle







have tutu, will travel.

{"let's play pretend" by lissy elle.}

GET LIT: 5.5 designers fire kit


other than s'mores and skinny dipping, this fire kit lamp is about as close as i'll come to camping.

{available soon at skitsch in italy.  via deedee 9:14.}

vinyl fetish: bughouse art & design wall decor



rumor has it, before there was iTunes, there were these magical, plastic boxes called "audio cassette tapes," and something called "vinyl albums."  likewise, older generations listened to music using a rotating record player.

of course, i am much too young to remember any of this.

luckily, los angeles based artists jeff klarin and rebecca johnson of bughouse preserve these musical artifacts with life-sized, faux-photographic reproductions of album and cassette tape collections (giclee on canvas), turntable art (heat transfer photo on knotty pine wood), and other vintage music ephemera.

hang your fave collection on a wall or display it on a shelf.  available designs include punk, classic rock, hip hop, new wave and more!  sorry, no podcasts.




{available here.}


WHORANGE handbook...


a gift from me to you.  fly confidently into the weekends, kittens!


{special thanks to laine for posting this on my facebook wall, and thombeau, of course.}

kakuzai wood memo block


note to self:  i need this notepad.

{available here.  via BLTD.}

tricks of the trade





...because sometimes product is a girl's best friend.

{vintage advertisements from Ty i Ja (You and Me magazine).} {via chateau thombeau.}

pattern recognition: marimekko wallpaper by new wall


dear dr. freud,

one of my earliest childhood memories was of a marimekko print.  my mom covered my bedroom walls with a tuuli textile, and to this day, i can't look at a silhouetted tree and not feel like sucking my thumb.

i've now discovered marimekko patterns are available as glorious wallpaper.  should i run the risk of plastering my walls with unikko flowers and regressing back into a two-year-old?

your call.







{available at velocity.}

open wide and say "ahhh"


i've said it once and i'll say it again...

HEALTH CARE -- much like hairspray -- is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

yesterday was a historical day.  i'd like to say "thank you" to the 219 congress peeps who passed the health care bill.  of course, the bill isn't perfect (i'm looking at you, stupak), but it's pretty swell on several levels.  therefore, i present this gift package to you.

hooray...now let's play doctor!

{click on any product to view.}

{left to right from the top:  dumpling dynasty first aid kit (19.68); cappellini cross medicine cabinet (821.00);  muhammad ali first aid kitjonathan adler dolls canister (28.00);  enamel pill keychain (19.50);  tattoo bandages (7.49);  help i have a headache pills (6.00);  help i've cut myself bandages (6.00).}

george nelson platform bench made of legos



maybe not the most sturdy table, but as we all know...sometimes pretty trumps practical.

{more lego love at humble ablog via casa sugar.}

whoranging in twin peaks with shelterrific


hi kittens,

with all of my talk of kimonos, marshmallows, and fame-kissed felines this week, i forgot to mention that i also did a little moonlighting over at shelterrific.

yep, this city girl packed her bags and took a long, strange trip to the town of twin peaks with shelterrific's lovely miss mary T.   we went to solve a murder, but stayed for the decor.

as a result, four separate & stylish tribute posts were produced:  "welcome to twin peaks"; "coffee, donuts, and pie"; "the lady with the log"; and "floating into the night."  check 'em all out!

here is a little peek to pique your interest...


CLICK on the items above to purchase.

also, visit shelterrific to read the post above in its entirety.  trust me...it's a damn good post.  damn good.

thanks, mary T., for walking with me through the dark door where people talk backwards and little men dance.  it was an honor to wear the other half of the best friend heart necklace with you.

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