it's that time of the month again, kittens!

today's pad is a personal WHORANGE fave:  '50s starlet jayne mansfield's infamous pink palace.  known not only for its cotton candy hue, but for its heart shaped details and haunted history.

located at 10010 sunset blvd. in beverly hills, this pad was purchased in 1958 for $76,000 by miss mansfield and her mr. universe hubby.  the palatial pad was immediately painted powdery pink to reflect miss jayne's trademark color.




surprisingly, miss mansfield decorated her lavish digs on a dime.  she wrote over 1,500 furniture and building suppliers and asked for free samples.  in exchange, she allowed donors to brag that their wares were featured in her majestic mansion.  the pitch worked and miss jayne received over $150,000 worth of free merchandise!






fab features included an iron door, a gigantic crystal chandelier, pink shagged bathroom, a heart-shaped fireplace, a heart-shaped jacuzzi, and a heart-shaped swimming pool which read "I love You Jaynie" in gold leaf mosaic.



after miss mansfield's tragic death in 1967, owners included ringo starr, mamma cass elliot, and engelbert humperdink.

rumor has it, despite several attempts by these owners to paint over mansfield's signature pink, the bright hue would always mysteriously return.  in addition, the palace was reportedly haunted by miss jayne's bikini clad ghost.


in 2002, the pink palace was demolished.

although jayne mansfield's pink palace pad is gone, the rich mammaries memories will forever live on in our hearts!  PERIOD.

if you'd like your home to be considered for WHORANGE'S montly pad, please drop me a line at tula@whorange.net.  feel free to include two non-flash, composed, sexy pix of your darling den.  no nudity required.  xoxo.

{images via ginger <3 and the selvedge yard.)