okay, kittens, it's time to worship at the altar of mcm baz of atomic indy...again.  the chairman of mid-century modern created a mod-tastic accent lamp to truly DIY for.

taking a 1972 Sony TV-750 (that baz picked up fo' free at a sidewalk sale), our blogging brother extracted the TV innards and began transforming the broken boob tube into a spectacular showcase piece.



next, he installed a light fixture and slipped an iconic julius shulman stahl house photo inside of the glare screen.



and the photo is interchangeable!  imagine the possibilities.  imagine the parties.  live the dream, darlings!


learn how to repurpose, reuse, and reworship the long forgotten, dial-turning TV.  make it mod and make it mad.  atomic indy will show you how here.

thank you, baz!  xoxo