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Sci-Fi Style: Logan's Run


this past weekend, i boogied on down to the cinerama dome for a special screening of the 1976 sci-fi feast -- logan's run.

in the film, citizens of a utopian society live a life of complete hedonistic pleasure (and awesome fashion) until they turn 30-years-old. upon turning 30, a blinking red crystal on the palm indicates your time is up and it's time to "renew" (aka die) in a public ritual known as "carrousel." if you don't want to die, you can run, but most likely you'll be hunted down by a sandman.

go for the premise, but stay for the fashion and production design. it's a feast of bubble decor, feathered hair, bra-less babes, spontaneous orgies, disco dudes, farrah fawcett, and michael york in a kimono to die for.

oh, and the film is social commentary on over-population (in case you were wondering).





above: 1. charming at the cantina dress; 2. collar necklace; 3. ankh necklace charm; 4. le klint pendant; 5. red acrylic rhinestone; 6. metallic skinny waist belt; 7. caviar anti-aging perfect iron spray; 8. bio ionic curling iron; 9. laverne lucite champagne side swivel chair; 10. TOMS silver glitter flat shoes.





above: 1. red acrylic rhinestone; 2. tubular hanging fixture; 3. infinity mirror; 4. pratt in dark shirt; 5. bio ionic blow dryer; 6. pair of italian space age lamps; 7. mid century dining set; 8. mid century french chromed metal hand sconce.

kittens, i think i feel a halloween costume coming on!

WHORANGE got a facelift!


kittens, it's true...the pressures of los angeles can weigh heavily on a gal's ego, and my little blog is no exception. after years of wearing the same old design -- i finally gave WHORANGE a facelift.

not a huge one, just a little botox to the header and some collagen to the sidebar. it's amazing what a few photoshop tools can do. please note, the comment section is still undergoing reconstructive surgery (along with a few other items), but hopefully you can see past the bandages. 

finally, a standing ovation to my husband, steve, for putting his programming prowess to work. having a cute coder as a partner-in-crime has its benefits!

so, grab a seat, pour yourself a cocktail, and feel free to click around. maybe you'll rendezvous with a former lover in the archives -- you never know!

i hope you enjoy the new playground.


{face dress via chateau thombeau.}

dowling duncan's US dollar redesign

Barack Obama dollar bill Dowling Duncan redesign the US bank notes

Modern Dowling Duncan redesign the US bank notes

FDR 100 dollar bill Dowling Duncan redesign the US bank notes

Barack Obama dollar bill Dowling Duncan redesigned US bank notes

in 2010, dowling duncan submitted this set of multi-colored, newly-imagined US bank notes to the dollar redesign project. perhaps a dose of poppy, fresh, and informative graphics is just what our economy needs. a visual stimulus!

here is the inspiration behind duncan's bucks:

$1 – barack obama - the first african american president
$5 – the five biggest native american tribes
$10 – the bill of rights, the first 10 amendments to the US constitution
$20 – 20th century america
$50 – the 50 states of america
$100 – the first 100 days of president franklin roosevelt. during this time he led the congress to pass more important legislation than most presidents pass in their entire term. this helped fight the economic crises at the time of the great depression. ever since, every new president has been judged on how well they have done during the first 100 days of their term.

duncan gets my vote!

{via designboom.}

soups on: warhol soup cans 2012


Andy Warhol Signs Soup Cans

50 years ago, andy warhol crafted his famously fabulous soup can pop art. today, campbell's salutes the man who made their label iconic by releasing 1.2 million limited edition warhol-inspired cans (available exclusively at target).

the new poppy colored cans, which actually contain soup, feature andy's portrait and his "15 minutes of fame quote" on the back. the cans also received the A-OK from the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts, which controls the licensing of the artist’s name and images.

so, now is your chance to get a taste of warhol's tomato soup goodness. the best thing is, unlike one of his originals, this little piece of art will only set you back 75 cents!

{via the new york times and design boom.}

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