Matte Stephens A Party

kittens, this post is rearing it's sleepy head a bit late today because i was at a dinner party last night with a fine group of fellow bloggers, gadget stalkers, design mavens, pinning junkies, and all around hotties. the cosmos brought us together to be a part of an exciting new project which i'll be able to share with you soon!

in the meantime, pour yourself a cocktail, remove your hot rollers, and get to know them, too. not only do they have ridiculously amazing blogs, but they are ridiculously amazing people.

happy mundane

gregory han

the brick house

satsuki shibuya

at home at home

beach bungalow 8

trust your style

oh...and for an added bonus, check out their instagram, pinterest, and twitter accounts, too. i promise, you will feel pretty on the inside and sparkly on the outside.


{illustration: "the party" by matte stephens.}