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trick or treat?

Woody allen cat dress twins

hint: i do not consider the ladies the "trick" part of this equation.

happy halloween, kittens! enjoys the seances.

{woody allen and the cat twins.} {via ashley ording.}

super stormin'

Friends of type hunker down shelter by Jason Wong

this post goes out to my friends, family, and readers on the east coast who are hunkered down due to hurricane sandy. i want to send a little bit of sunshine and lots of love from california.

i've been reading twitter, tracking updates and viewing photos from the field. also, i've been tracking the twitter feed of newark's mayor cory booker, whose superhero, on-the-ground response to NJ citizens in need is courageous and the true definition of leadership. i recommend you follow him, too!

hold tight, east coast. we are all pulling for you! xo

Rainy winter weather yellow black fashion
{above: "shelter" by jason wong; 1. dear creatures camille dress; 2. vera meat ship helm charm necklace; 3. un-teal the clouds clear umbrella in canary; 4. pan am innovator bag; 5. orla kiely the fox of life coat; 6. hunter regent carlyle rain boots; 7. leather heart cut out gloves.}

before there was couch surfing

Antique Sofa diver

there was couch diving.

happy monday, darlings. prepare accordingly.

{sofa diver illustration via draw draw draw.}

welcome to my birthday party!

Vintage costume party toast

Vintage costume party dancing

Vintage costume party pyramid

Vintage costume party wire cubes

Vintage costume party mushroom column

Vintage costume party fishnets

Vintage costume party outhouses

Vintage costume party cavemen

kittens, i am one year older today!

please, pour yourself to a cocktail and mingle amongst the mushrooms and menfolk. party favors are on the ceiling -- do with them as you wish (and be creative!).

and most of all, THANK YOU for the best gift of all -- you! i've had the pleasure of making so many amazing friends through this little blog. it's enough to make this birthday scorpio swoon!


{party pix via chateau thombeau.}

puss procrastination

Cat bounce blue

Cat bounce yellow

Cat bounce pink

darlings, i just spent 5-minutes flinging felines over at cat bounce. i highly recommend you do the same while listening to this song. i swear, the results are better than prozac.

flights of fancy: pan am 707 luggage

Pan Am 707 luggage collection Nathan Michael 4

Pan Am 707 vintage style luggage collection Nathan Michael 6

Pan Am 707 vintage style luggage collection Nathan Michael photography moped

Pan Am 707 luggage Nathan Michael 3

Pan Am 707 luggage collection Nathan Michael 6
coming soon - pan am's new vintage-styled 707 luggage collection!

perfect for parisian travels, one night stands, covert missions, or spontaneous slumber parties. the possibilities are endless!

in the meantime, check out pan am's iconic and classic luggage collection and prepare for your next adventure.

{photography by nathan michael.} {via japanese trash.}

practical decor

Vinyl record collection basement

Bicycle brick wall hanging

Book scale pulley

for the minimal bachelor or bachelorette.

{via blood & champagne.}

sweet suites

Orange building apartments

perfect little pads all in a row.

{orange living spaces via ISO50.}

tasty greens

Modern findings serge mouille lamps

Tall cactus modernica planter herman miller sunburst clock

George nelson grey sofa

Tomado display shelving modern findings

the house at modern findings is a fabulous example of how to get groovy with your greenery. from the floor to the shelf, planting a little plant in your pad is not only easy on the eyes, but good for the air.

a WHORANGE survival kit

John Waters Book Role Models

i have completed my jury duty, kittens! i am officially an upstanding citizen.

i would like to thank john waters' book "role models" for keeping me company in the juror pen and inspiring me to change my name to "princess summerfall winterspring." also, kudos to this crappy cup of coffee for supplying me with artificial energy and strength.

until next year (or my next arrest), see you later, L.A. courthouse!

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