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hi kittens!

a little while ago, i mentioned that i was embarking on an exciting new project with some fabulous bloggers, gadget stalkers, design mavens, pinning junkies, and all around hotties.

well...here it is -- LUVOCRACY!

luvocracy is a groovy new site for super cool shopping, collecting, browsing, coveting, and gifting. think pinterest meets amazon. simply pin or "luv" items for sale (using the simple plug in), put them into a collection, and the next thing you know -- you have your own little curated store front! click here to peruse my collection of luv.

you can also take a peek at other member's collections. while perusing, you can make a purchase or add another member's item to your collection.

purchasing is easy peasy, too. just enter your credit card once (and only once) and you're ready to go to town.

there a some dandy perks, too! read here for details.

honestly, i'm not writing about luvocracy with any other intention other than i think it's really fun and you should give it a spin. plus, it incorporates social media + pretty pictures + shopping (and you know how much i love all three). it's a trifecta of whorange.

currently, luvocracy is invite only, so if you'd like to join, shoot me an email at tula@whorange.net. include your name and email address and i'll send you an invitation.

Tula jeng whorange luvocracy

Tula jeng spotlighted luvocracy

Luvocracy whorange fawn deer pillow

also, luvocracy makes gift giving and wish lists easy. just point mom towards your "pretty please" collection and she'll know exactly want to tie a bow around.

here are some of mine: 

Whorange pinterest gift guide decor mushrooom lamp

{above: 1. bau pendant light; 2. kaleido trays by hay & clara von zweigbergk ; 3. vintage mushroom lamp; 4. perrette containers; 5. glass menagerie fox; 6. thoroughbred pine box.}

pretty fun, don't cha think? now let's boogie!