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A Sparkly Holiday with J3 Productions

J3 Productions Holiday

the creative trio over at J3 productions have done it again! they created something truly delectable by planting a little holiday pop-up site on the intertubes. i guarantee that it will put a sparkly spring in your potentially-already-totally-burnt-out-this-season step.

click here to check it out. it's a playground of fun with music and glitter and kitties and more.

and, there are amazingly fine downloadable gift tags! what's not to love?

J3 Productions Holiday gift tags



and if you are still looking for a last minute gift, why not gift J3's at your leisure zine? it's super unique and will definitely place you on the coolest gift giver list.

thank you J3 productions! here's winkin' at you, kids!

Pretty In Pink

Ursula Andress in Casino Royale Pink Bedroom

Ursula Andress in Casino Royale Pink bath towel

Ursula Andress in Casino Royale Pink feathers

isn't she?

{ursula andress in casino royale (1967).}

A (gift) guided adventure: Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise kingdom credits

perhaps you're an adventurer or just dream of being one.

whichever you are, begin your escape by watching moonrise kingdom and then stock up on some must have getaway goodies.

all of the gear listed below is for boys and girls. just be careful where you point that slingshot. you may create a wildflower paradise where you least expect it.

venture forth, kittens!

Moonrise kingdom suitcase and map

Moonrise Kingdom Coming Soon
put a ring on it

Joan Crawford make up mirror

darlings, i meditated today on gifts of holidays past and realized that my jewelry holders get a lot of play. after all, our best baubles and precious gems deserve some swank storage, don't they?

here are a few of my faves:

Unique jewelry ring holder box stand
{above: 1. pixie faceted ring box made from reclaimed wood by oh dier living; 2. love bunny ring holder; 3. astrological jewelry stand; 4. baubled brook jewelry stand; 5. jackalope jewelry holder; 6. unicorn ring holder; 7. great plains dish; 8. random crap mini stash box.}

{top image: joan crawford...of course!}

Concentration Corner
Modern thrifter mid century office desk
kittens, i'm in a bit of a whorange retreat right now -- trying to pull the holidays together while working a full schedule. sometimes i just have to escape to a quite little corner and concentrate.
don't worry, i wear hot rollers while doing it. i'm a multi-tasker after all.
happy monday! xo
{office space via modern thrifter.}
prettily posed donuts

Aiala hernando donut instagram photograph

Aiala hernando donuts instagram photograph

otherwise known as PMS fun land.

{photography by aiala hernando instagram.}

a fabulous flight

Santa Monica LW airplane graphic design

Supersonic B3 graphic airplane

of course, i imagine the ride to look a little something like this.

{via visual bits.}

Whoranging for Jelle Martens

Jelle Martens digital collage photography in the quivering forest 3

Jelle Martens digital collage photography in the quivering forest 4

Jelle Martens digital collage photography in the quivering forest 2

Jelle Martens digital collage photography in the quivering forest

on this rainy morning in los angeles, i'd like to thank belgian creative designer jelle martens for taking us into 'the quivering forest' for a little psychedelic sun and relaxation.

makes me want to send myself a "wish you were here" postcard.

{via the189.com.}

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