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jaunty johns

Art postcard gallery bathroom

Zoe Johns and Max Catalano live in San Francisco art gallery bathroom

Framed art illustration gallery bathroom

ever since i found out movie stars stash their oscars in the bathroom, i thought why not display your finest treasures in the lovely loo?

from art to postcards, give your guests the gift of the unexpected lavatory gallery.

{top: via fair ivy; middle: zoe johns and max catalano's san francisco home via design sponge; bottom:  via high on dreaming.}

whoranging for skinny andy

Skinny Andy Snowblower

Skinny Andy Going For A Walk

Skinny Andy A Little More To The Left

Skinny Andy Xylosaurus

Skinny Andy A night at the discotheque

skinny andy's illustrations offer a buffet of cuteness, and with it being monday and all, i'm in the mood to binge.

get a taste for yourself at skinny andy's photostream.

Scripted: an illustrated & interactive Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson interactive script

a few years ago, i wrote about my experience working in the art department on feature films, but i've never written about my many, many, many years working in development at various production companies at universal and fox.

"working in development" involves reading and developing screenplays, books, articles, pitches, sketches, comic books, video games, etc. and making them into films. i worked on scripts that ranged from penelope to munich. i met some of the most talented and creative people on the planet and had the honor to work with a handful of them. 

i assisted wes anderson's producer, barry mendel, soon after the royal tenenbaums hit the theaters. i was a huge fan of anderson's and danced a little dance when barry gave me the criterion collection of wes's films.

moonrise kingdom continued my admiration for anderson's aesthetic and storytelling, and this new interactive and illustrated version of the screenplay keeps the development and art department nerd in me inspired and happy.

Moonrise Kingdom screenplay Wes Anderson Roman Coppola

Moonrise Kingdom interactive screenplay script Wes Anderson

Moonrise Kingdom production design illusration Adam Stockhausen

Moonrise Kingdom prodution design illustration notes

Moonrise Kingdom art dirction tree house

Moonrise Kingdom Edward Norton camp art direction

Moonrise Kingdom art dirction production design illustration

Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson storyboard

Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson screenplay

Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson on set

Moonrise Kingdom production design illustration

Moonrise Kingdom screenplay interactive script

Moonrise Kingdom art dirction painting

read the moonrise kingdom screeplay and view the artwork here. you can even download a PDF copy!

{interactive moonrise kingdom script courtesy of focus features.} {via rookie magazine.}

Pink chairs, Black walls

Black painted brick wall pink vintage chairs

Pink Eames chairs and a chalkboard wall

Pink Tolix stools black chalkboard

the other day, i noticed a pink chair/black wall mini-trend on one of my pinterest boards. and by mini-trend i mean three pins.

three. whole. pins.

follow me on pinterest, darlings! the trends may be small, but they are mighty.

{top: black brick wall and vintage pink chairs via mélanie hervé; middle: pink eames chairs and a chalkboard wall via richard morales; bottom: pink tolex stools and a blackboard wall via bri emery.}

high flying: swissair house of cards

Vintage Swiss air cards Eames style house of cards

in 1958, swissair released these amazing travel-designed cards inspired by eames house of cards.

who needs an ipad when you can build a shrine to your dream vacation destinations?

paired with the '60s stewardess catwalk fashion, i am convinced that air travel was once a stupendously spectacular trip.

Swissair cards Eames style house of cards

Vintage Swissair cards Eames style house of cards
{via past print and another design blog.}

Homeland vintage jazz album covers

Ty Mattson Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Album Covers

i confess: i do not watch homeland. but, according to the golden globes, i should.

artist ty mattson created these amazing 12 vintage-styled jazz album covers as an homage to the award winning show, and i must say, if homeland is even half as great as these album covers, i'll become a loyal fan.

Ty Mattson- Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Covers Claire Danes

Ty Mattson Homeland Vintage Jazz Record styled Cover

Ty Mattson Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Covers pills

Ty Mattson  Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Covers Claire Danes

Ty Mattson Homeland Vintage Jazz Record Covers Claire Danes

{see all of mattson's works here.} {via grain edit.}

take a seat: bruno comtesse

Bruno comtesse photography mid century interiors

Bruno comtesse photography mid century interiors conference room

Bruno comtesse Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair lounger living room

sure, sometimes it's important to stop and smell the roses.

othertimes, it's important to just stop...and take a seat, darlings. monday's a good day to give it a whirl.

{photography by bruno comtesse. via plastolux.}

hip drips

Rainbow paint buckets

Drip shaving gel hot pink can

{top: couleur - savoir marier les couleurs; bottom: drip shaving gel packaging via melanie biehle}

Mixed tape

XL Washi Tape For Decorating strips

XL Washi Tape For Decorating stairs

XL Washi Tape For Decorating cars

did you know there are magical places in the world where jumbo washi exists? it's true, and it possesses the power to create multi-striped wonderlands on ice cream trucks, staircases, buildings, bicycles and more.

unfortunately for me, the united states is not one of these enchanted lands. too bad, because i have the perfect driving coat and hair-do for that mini - of course.

{via decor8.}

Oh deer: fawn wall covering

Fawn Deer Tapestry Wallcovering

hang this tapestry where ever you'd like a little pop o' deer.

audrey hepburn would approve.

{available at UO.}

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