Charley harper you otter care abou water

in honor of mama earth's special day, i am throwing a little love to one of my favorite artists - charley harper.

harper was a true lover of the earth and its animal inhabitants. he frequently donated his artistic gift to ecological posters and murals for parks, nature centers, wilderness reserves, sanctuaries, and zoos - often for free.

this earth day, is offering a free otter bottle with any $100 purchase. and it's super cute, too. check it out here.

happy earth day, darlings! be good to each other. be good to our environment.


Octoberama Charley Harper Bird

Blue Jay Bathing Charley Harper

Charley Harper Animal Kingdom

Cottontail in the Cottonfield Charley Harper

Charley Harper Ladybug love

Charley Harper birds nest

Charle Harper Global Warming Warning