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birds of a feather camp together

Vintage Camper Birdhouse

Vintage Camper Birdhouse with wings

because even your fine feathered friends deserve a groovy pad.

{vintage camper birdhouses by strictly for the birds. available at jumahl's etsy shoppe.} {via frankie.}


Ceren Kilic mixed media artist LEQUILIBRE

Ceren Kilic mixed media artist AIR

Ceren Kilic mixed media artist AMATIVE

Ceren Kilic mixed media artist CLOUDS

Ceren Kilic mixed media artist LES FEMMES

if only working out looked this fabulous.

{art by istanbul-based mixed media artist ceren kilic. see more here.}

double rainbow

1960s Rainbow Makeup eyeshadow

1960s Rainbow eyeshadow Makeup

the perfect look for your peepers -- from office to evening.

happy fridays, darlings. keep your rainbows bright!

{rainbow eyes images via they roared vintage.}



pretty much praying for these praying mantis floor lamps by rispal.

one for you and one for me!

a very charley harper earth day

Charley harper you otter care abou water

in honor of mama earth's special day, i am throwing a little love to one of my favorite artists - charley harper.

harper was a true lover of the earth and its animal inhabitants. he frequently donated his artistic gift to ecological posters and murals for parks, nature centers, wilderness reserves, sanctuaries, and zoos - often for free.

this earth day, charleyharper.com is offering a free otter bottle with any $100 purchase. and it's super cute, too. check it out here.

happy earth day, darlings! be good to each other. be good to our environment.


Octoberama Charley Harper Bird

Blue Jay Bathing Charley Harper

Charley Harper Animal Kingdom

Cottontail in the Cottonfield Charley Harper

Charley Harper Ladybug love

Charley Harper birds nest

Charle Harper Global Warming Warning

smeg spotting

Pink Smeg refrigerator

Yellow Smeg refrigerator modern kitchen

White Smeg refrigerator Ace Hotel

White Smeg refrigerator small kitchen

White Smeg refrigerator rustic kitchen

Orange Smeg refrigerator kitchen

White Smeg refrigerator wall and deco

Red Smeg refrigerator

smeg spotting - one of my favorite past times.

{images: pink smeg; yellow smeg; smeg at the ace hotel; white smeg; smeg and rustic; orange smeg; white smegred smeg.}

{smeg refrigerators available at west elm.}

planters a go go

because even your succulents deserve a sassy pad.

Planters and vessels for succulents air plants

above: 1). white woven bead planter with orange and pink triangles; 2). cork planter bookend set; 3). ceramic 60s style mini desk pig planter; 4). retro bullet planter; 5). bloomer self watering table top garden; 6). modern mini planters

Vintage and modern planters and vessels for succulents air plants

above: 1). pigeon toe ceramics faceted hanging tray; 2). melon pod with velutina air plant; 3). flip & tumble felt pod planter; 4). miniature concrete planter; 5). vintage deer planter; 6. PODs planter.

hello, monday

Jamie Campbell photography tiger bed

Marcia Brady bed

nothing a set of hot rollers and hairspray can't solve.

stay sparkley, my darlings.

{images: tiger girl - jamie campbell photography; marcia brady - the brady bunch.}

dive in...

Pool party summer

Pattern of pastel plastic forks

...and indulge!

{pool and pastel forks images via pinterest.}

mad for ad man brian sanders

Mad Men season 6 poster key art illustrated by Brian Sanders

famed 75-year-old illustrator, brian sanders, is the master craftsman behind mad men's lusciously textured season six key art

hailing from the golden era of magazine illustration, sanders was commissioned by mad men's creator, matthew weiner, to conjure the look and feel of 1960s spy novels, TWA flight menus, and swinging lifestyle ads. the drawing style is called "bubble & streak" and with a name like bubble & streak, it's got to be good.

Womans Mirror 1964 illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: brian sanders illustration for woman's mirror, circa 1965.}

but, wait...there's more!

in 1966, director stanley kubrick  granted sanders rare access to the set and filming of 2001: a space odyssey. sanders documented the behind-the-scenes making of the film via paintings and sketches (photography was not allowed on the set). unfortunately, the controlling kubrick did not allow publication of the drawings. it wasn't until 2001 (two years after kubrick's death) that sanders space odyssey work was published (see examples below).

2001 A Space Odyssey film set Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: behind-the-scences of space odessey: 2001 as seen through the eyes of illustrator brian sanders.}

2001 film set Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: the camera was rigged to move with the centrifuge as the set rotated.}

2001 A Space Odyssey film set air hostesses Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: kubrick predicted that airline uniforms would not change drastically throughout the eras.}

  2001 A Space Odyssey film set astronauts smoking Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: sanders captures actors smoking and playing pokers between takes.}

{read more about brian sander's collaboration with mad men at the new york times.} {peruse and learn more about sander's amazing work at the art of brian sanders.}

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