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circle, square, triangle

Mid century circle house chris turnham

Mid century square house chris turnham

Mid century triangle house chris turnham

three great shapes that go great together.

{circle house, triangle house, square house by chris turnham.}

inaluxe interior

Inaluxe studio and a david bowie album

the fine team at inaluxe recently posted this photo of their studio, and i must say, i love every inch of it -- from the happy colors, to the array of shapes, to mr. david bowie, to the mushroom vase, to the mystery plant.

their space truly reflects their work...

The shipping news inaluxe

FLORA bu inaluxe

The tale of mr cat by inaluxe

Birds of Australia by inaluxe

Duchamps answering machine by inaluxe

check out more inaluxe here!

name your color contest

Whorange phone vote

hello, darlings!

a few years ago, steve found this groovy old payphone at a garage sale and had it painted orange for my birthday! now, the whorange phone sits lovingly in my office, longing for the days when payphones were the "it girls" of on-the-go communication.

i wanted to give our whorange phone a little lovin', so i entered it in modernica's "name your color" contest. you can read all about the contest here.

our whorange phone just needs some sweet "like"-ing from you! simply CLICK ON OVER to facebook and "like" and/or "share" the photo. that's it!

thank you so much! and, if i haven't told you lately, your hair looks fabulous today!




rhymes with brass

Caramel leather couch santa monica home dabito

Brass chandelier santa monica home dabito

Nursery navy dresser brass pulls santa monica home dabito

Brass fox head door stop santa monica home dabito

sure, "brass" rhymes with many things, but in the case of this santa monica home, i would have to pick "bad ass."

{photography by the always brilliant and ridiculously cool dabito.}


Traffic jam print by Blanca Gomez

kittens, sorry about the lack of posts this week. i was rear-ended in hollywood on monday and suffered a bit of whiplash.

oh, the glamour!

los angeles can be a crazy place sometimes  -- folks texting, styling their hair, and talking on the phone behind the wheel. definitely happy i wasn't riding my tricycle!

have a great weekend. be safe and good to others, lovelies.

{traffic jam illustration by blanca gomez.}

pink pony peeps

Pink Pony Eyewear by Sretsis

practically perfect for any occasion!

{pony eyewear by sretsis.}

let's cook: breaking bad

Breaking Bad Cookies

last night i spent hours researching cookie cutters for my friend's nautical themed baby shower. it started with a seahorse and starfish etsy search and evolved into these bad ass breaking bad beakers and test tubes on flickr.

next thing i knew, i purchased a fancy-pants cookie decorating set and queued up season 5 of breaking bad. after all, the show's final season kicks off this sunday.

yep, that's how i spent my evening -- fixated on cookie decor and meth cooks. in other words, just another thursday night.

the getaway

Inside out magazine canoe getaway

Inside out magazine getaway vacation home

you know you've come to the right place when your getaway car is a canoe.

{from inside out magazine.} {via poppytalk.}

pretty pointers

Blockshop scarves and Hand block printed textiles 6

Blockshop scarves and Hand block printed textiles 5
part time scarf, part time wall art.

full time awesomeness. 

{available at block shop.} {via design milk.}

somewhere in silver lake...

Barbara bestor silver lake home living room

Barbara bestor silver lake home magenta door

Barbara bestor silver lake home living room view

Barbara bestor silver lake home

Barbara bestor silver lake home dining room

Barbara bestor silver lake home mesh shades

Barbara bestor silver lake home wooly pocket wall pool

...this home sits. begging me to move in.

{barbara bestor's silver lake home as photographed by the amazing dabito. read all about it at old brand new.}

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