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whoranging for coral & tusk

Coral and Tusk animal dolls

Coral and Tusk embroidered fox postcard

Coral and Tusk double cross arrows pillow

Coral and Tusk pillows

Coral and Tusk animal portrait embroidered badges

just when i thought coral & tusk couldn't get any more amazingly awesome with their clever, nostalgic, magical, gorgeous, and snuggly embroidered goods, they reveal something that truly steals my heart:

a fox pillow with a fox hidey-hole.

i repeat, a fox hidey-hole...


stop the internets now. we found the winner.

{all photography courtesy of coral & tusk.} {animated gif by whorange.}

hanging planter a go go


kittens, i have a hole in my life. it resides in my den and takes the form of empty air space.

i need a hanging plant.

but, what to choose? shall i select a macrame planter woven in the mountains of santa cruz? or perhaps an upcycled air plant space pod? or maybe a succulent basket crafted from found cat hair?

the possibilities are endless. let's explore, shall we?

Hanging planters round up modern ceramic

above: 1). faceted hanging tray by pigeon toe ceramics; 2). plant orb by perch!; 3). modern macrame planter by HRUSKAA; 4). orange hang pot; 5). woven bead planter; 6. DIY leather and brass teardrop hanging planter via vintage revivals.

but, wait! there's more...

Hanging planters round up modern ceramic and mid century


above: 1). suspended dome 2). hanging air plant cradle by mudpuppy; 3). cermaic planters by l & m studio; 4). geo triangle hanging terrarium; 5). jungalow hanging planter by MFEO; 6. hanging nest; 7). herringbone hanging planter by moorea seal.

chime time

Ladies and gentlemen studio aura chimes anthropologie

ahh, the wind chime. i was lovingly raised by hippies, which meant it was wind-chimes-a-go-go in our zen-like homestead.

chimes rang throughout our garden, on the back porch, and from the trees. they were the soundtrack of my childhood.

admittedly, as an adult, i have forgone wind chimes in our home. however, ladies and gentlemen studio makes these gorgeous, mid-century styled chimes which incorporate various shapes, textures, metals, and glazes, and i must admit -- i like 'em!

i may be forced to unleashing my inner hippie and purchase one of these, kittens.

cue the incense.

Ladies and gentlemen studio wind chimes anthropologie

Ladies and gentlemen studio wind chimes

Nicholas nyland and ladies and gentlemen studio wind chimes construction

Nicholas nyland and ladies and gentlemen studio wind chimes materials

Ladies and gentlemen studio wind chimes brass

{ladies and gentlemen released the aura chime for anthropologie. available here.}

whoranging for tw workshop

Tw workshop hand made stoneware hanging planter dover


Tw workshop hand made stoneware planters


Tw workshop peeling lace wallpaper in black

Tw workshop wow and flutter speaker system

Tw workshop wow and flutter speaker system design

Tw workshop dishwasher safe coffee table

Tw workshop hand made stoneware hanging planter colbalt cane

it's springtime, darlings, and time to give your plants a pretty place to plant their roots.

tw workshop fits the green bill with their handmade stoneware planters. mixed with cane or hemp robe (or both!), each gloriously glazed planter has the soul of a 1970s superstar and the functionality of a modern made vessel.

tw workshop also makes groovy wallpaper, pleasantly puzzle-like wood speakers, AND a dishwasher safe coffee table. yes, that's right -- dishwasher safe! is there anything they can't do?

check 'em out and give you pad and plants a refreshing spring lift.

candy stash

Letterpress Camera Box

Letterpress Ax Candy Container

conceal your sweet somethings in these clever containers and keep valentine's day going year round.

{letterpressed camera and ax candy containers by d-sharp available at poppytalk.}

game of thrones

Arne Jacobsen orange and white dining suite 1968

i will battle you for it.

just remember, when you play the game of thrones, you win or die (but, here at WHORANGE, you die fabulously.)

{arne jacobsen dining suite.} {via sophie's choice.}

get lit: allied maker

Allied maker black walnut mini dart table lamp

Allied maker voyager lamp

Allied maker brass half dome lamp

Allied maker wood sconce wood socket

Allied maker multi bulb floor lamp

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you hand-crafted, bespoke lighting, forged from the hands of woodwork artist ryden rizzo.

yes, his name is ryden rizzo and that's all you need to know.

oh, yes, and his lighting fixtures are gorgeous, too.

visit allied maker to shop ryden's wares.

Well Hung: Carlysle Manufacturing Co.

Carlysle Manufacturing Company storage system coat rack and shelving

this mighty fine shelving system cleverly hangs from a picture rail. how ingenious is that?

created by carlysle manufacturing co. in san francisco, the interlocking and multi-tier system is perfect for small spaces, swell shops, swanky styling, and anybody who wants to keep their walls nail-free. 

Carlysle Manufacturing Company storage hanging wall system shelving

Carlysle Manufacturing Company Coat Rack with Double Shelf in Walnut

Carlysle Manufacturing Company wall shelving hooking mechanism

Carlysle Manufacturing Company wall shelving

Carlysle Manufacturing Company wall shelving Jack Knife Outfitters

check out all of the groovy options and the secret behind their suspension system at carlysle manufacturing co.

{via remodelista.}

holiday tree wardrobe

Ron Megee is Joan Crawford in A Very Joan Crawford Christmas by Jeff Church

darlings, it's that time of the year again! it's the time when trees across the land are fitted with accessories, bulbs, and baubles.

but, alas, "what to wear?" asks your naked tree.

may i suggest a little dino felt, embrodiered bunny, and narwhal metallic? just a thought!

Felt handmade embroidered christmas holiday tree ornaments

{above: 1. t-rex ornament; 2. felt mistletoe; 3. coral and tusk bunny in a sweater ornament; 4. glittered geometry garland; 5. multicolored felt garland; 6. narwhal ornament; 7. fox fellow ornament set; 8. roost enchanted mushroom ornaments; 9. multicolor pompom garlands; 10. curious hedgehog ornament; 11. handmade killer whale ornaments set of 4.}

{top image: ron megee as joan crawford in "a very joan crawford christmas" by jeff church and ron megee.}

NY dolls

Oeuf plush dolls inspired by new york taxi and pigeon

the fine folks at oeuf know that not every child wants a barbie of stuffed teddy bear.

i, for one, would much rather snuggle up to a knitted brooklyn brownstone, new york yellow cab, or plushy manhattan pigeon. then again, i grew up wanting to live on sesame street.

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