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hanging planter a go go


kittens, i have a hole in my life. it resides in my den and takes the form of empty air space.

i need a hanging plant.

but, what to choose? shall i select a macrame planter woven in the mountains of santa cruz? or perhaps an upcycled air plant space pod? or maybe a succulent basket crafted from found cat hair?

the possibilities are endless. let's explore, shall we?

Hanging planters round up modern ceramic

above: 1). faceted hanging tray by pigeon toe ceramics; 2). plant orb by perch!; 3). modern macrame planter by HRUSKAA; 4). orange hang pot; 5). woven bead planter; 6. DIY leather and brass teardrop hanging planter via vintage revivals.

but, wait! there's more...

Hanging planters round up modern ceramic and mid century


above: 1). suspended dome 2). hanging air plant cradle by mudpuppy; 3). cermaic planters by l & m studio; 4). geo triangle hanging terrarium; 5). jungalow hanging planter by MFEO; 6. hanging nest; 7). herringbone hanging planter by moorea seal.

planters a go go

because even your succulents deserve a sassy pad.

Planters and vessels for succulents air plants

above: 1). white woven bead planter with orange and pink triangles; 2). cork planter bookend set; 3). ceramic 60s style mini desk pig planter; 4). retro bullet planter; 5). bloomer self watering table top garden; 6). modern mini planters

Vintage and modern planters and vessels for succulents air plants

above: 1). pigeon toe ceramics faceted hanging tray; 2). melon pod with velutina air plant; 3). flip & tumble felt pod planter; 4). miniature concrete planter; 5). vintage deer planter; 6. PODs planter.

A (gift) guided adventure: Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise kingdom credits

perhaps you're an adventurer or just dream of being one.

whichever you are, begin your escape by watching moonrise kingdom and then stock up on some must have getaway goodies.

all of the gear listed below is for boys and girls. just be careful where you point that slingshot. you may create a wildflower paradise where you least expect it.

venture forth, kittens!

Moonrise kingdom suitcase and map

Moonrise Kingdom Coming Soon
put a ring on it

Joan Crawford make up mirror

darlings, i meditated today on gifts of holidays past and realized that my jewelry holders get a lot of play. after all, our best baubles and precious gems deserve some swank storage, don't they?

here are a few of my faves:

Unique jewelry ring holder box stand
{above: 1. pixie faceted ring box made from reclaimed wood by oh dier living; 2. love bunny ring holder; 3. astrological jewelry stand; 4. baubled brook jewelry stand; 5. jackalope jewelry holder; 6. unicorn ring holder; 7. great plains dish; 8. random crap mini stash box.}

{top image: joan crawford...of course!}

Loving on Luvocracy

Tula jeng whorange luvocracy shopping collections

hi kittens!

a little while ago, i mentioned that i was embarking on an exciting new project with some fabulous bloggers, gadget stalkers, design mavens, pinning junkies, and all around hotties.

well...here it is -- LUVOCRACY!

luvocracy is a groovy new site for super cool shopping, collecting, browsing, coveting, and gifting. think pinterest meets amazon. simply pin or "luv" items for sale (using the simple plug in), put them into a collection, and the next thing you know -- you have your own little curated store front! click here to peruse my collection of luv.

you can also take a peek at other member's collections. while perusing, you can make a purchase or add another member's item to your collection.

purchasing is easy peasy, too. just enter your credit card once (and only once) and you're ready to go to town.

there a some dandy perks, too! read here for details.

honestly, i'm not writing about luvocracy with any other intention other than i think it's really fun and you should give it a spin. plus, it incorporates social media + pretty pictures + shopping (and you know how much i love all three). it's a trifecta of whorange.

currently, luvocracy is invite only, so if you'd like to join, shoot me an email at [email protected]. include your name and email address and i'll send you an invitation.

Tula jeng whorange luvocracy

Tula jeng spotlighted luvocracy

Luvocracy whorange fawn deer pillow

also, luvocracy makes gift giving and wish lists easy. just point mom towards your "pretty please" collection and she'll know exactly want to tie a bow around.

here are some of mine: 

Whorange pinterest gift guide decor mushrooom lamp

{above: 1. bau pendant light; 2. kaleido trays by hay & clara von zweigbergk ; 3. vintage mushroom lamp; 4. perrette containers; 5. glass menagerie fox; 6. thoroughbred pine box.}

pretty fun, don't cha think? now let's boogie!

i wish i had a pet deer...

Audrey Hepburn with deer Bob Willoughby

...and i wish i were audrey hepburn - at least sometimes.

yes, lady audrey had a pet deer named pippin. pippin napped with her and shopped with her. he played with her and laughed with her. and, of course, he posed with her.

Audrey Hepburn shopping with deer Bob Willoughby

Audrey Hepburn sleeping on sofa with deer Bob Willoughby

although we cannot be audrey hepburn, and most likely, we cannot have a pet deer, we can always play dress up and pretend, can't we?

Audrey Hepburn deer fawn capri style
{above: 1. silk dulcet top; 2. tasha 'skinny bow' headband; 3. forest place top; 4. sterling skirt in double-serge wool; 5. all wrapped up pearl drop earrings; 6. cafe capri pant; 7. french sole foxy flat; 8. fawn pillow.}

{audrey and pippin photography by bob willoughby.}

super stormin'

Friends of type hunker down shelter by Jason Wong

this post goes out to my friends, family, and readers on the east coast who are hunkered down due to hurricane sandy. i want to send a little bit of sunshine and lots of love from california.

i've been reading twitter, tracking updates and viewing photos from the field. also, i've been tracking the twitter feed of newark's mayor cory booker, whose superhero, on-the-ground response to NJ citizens in need is courageous and the true definition of leadership. i recommend you follow him, too!

hold tight, east coast. we are all pulling for you! xo

Rainy winter weather yellow black fashion
{above: "shelter" by jason wong; 1. dear creatures camille dress; 2. vera meat ship helm charm necklace; 3. un-teal the clouds clear umbrella in canary; 4. pan am innovator bag; 5. orla kiely the fox of life coat; 6. hunter regent carlyle rain boots; 7. leather heart cut out gloves.}

Well Groomed

Rene Gruau 1967 Gouache on paper

while cruising over at the designer pad, i stumbled across the kaufmann mercantile and an array of mighty fine man goods (not to mention -- a keen and dandy giveaway!).

fellas, quality pampering -- it's a tasty touch.


{above: 1. PGS whiskey aftershave; 2. bamboo toothbrush set; 3. pine shave creme soap; 4. botot anise toothpaste; 5. forage bowtie; 6. NTC subway token cufflinks; 7. muehle shave brush; 8. travel shoe shine kit; 9. wild harvest room spray; 10. handmade carved oak rope swing (perfect for any man pad).}

{image: rene gruau 1967 gouache on paper. via fine & dandy shop.}

Sci-Fi Style: Logan's Run


this past weekend, i boogied on down to the cinerama dome for a special screening of the 1976 sci-fi feast -- logan's run.

in the film, citizens of a utopian society live a life of complete hedonistic pleasure (and awesome fashion) until they turn 30-years-old. upon turning 30, a blinking red crystal on the palm indicates your time is up and it's time to "renew" (aka die) in a public ritual known as "carrousel." if you don't want to die, you can run, but most likely you'll be hunted down by a sandman.

go for the premise, but stay for the fashion and production design. it's a feast of bubble decor, feathered hair, bra-less babes, spontaneous orgies, disco dudes, farrah fawcett, and michael york in a kimono to die for.

oh, and the film is social commentary on over-population (in case you were wondering).





above: 1. charming at the cantina dress; 2. collar necklace; 3. ankh necklace charm; 4. le klint pendant; 5. red acrylic rhinestone; 6. metallic skinny waist belt; 7. caviar anti-aging perfect iron spray; 8. bio ionic curling iron; 9. laverne lucite champagne side swivel chair; 10. TOMS silver glitter flat shoes.





above: 1. red acrylic rhinestone; 2. tubular hanging fixture; 3. infinity mirror; 4. pratt in dark shirt; 5. bio ionic blow dryer; 6. pair of italian space age lamps; 7. mid century dining set; 8. mid century french chromed metal hand sconce.

kittens, i think i feel a halloween costume coming on!

back to school, baby


i saw a yellow school bus today and had a sudden yearning for strawberry scented erasers, unicorn pencil boxes, and roll on lipgloss (aka my 4th grade gear).

new decade = new gear. even us older kids.

Fun back to school office supplies

 {1. know it all pencils; 2. bicycle paperclips; 3. woodgrain eco sketchbook; 4. character pens; 5. homework pencil/schedule pocket; 6. arrow pushpins; 7. eames notebooks.} {top image: vintage belgian school chairs via selectism.}

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