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candy stash

Letterpress Camera Box

Letterpress Ax Candy Container

conceal your sweet somethings in these clever containers and keep valentine's day going year round.

{letterpressed camera and ax candy containers by d-sharp available at poppytalk.}

join the lama

Mari Drink Riesling white wine Elderflower and Mate

i don't drink, but if i did, i would drink mari -- strickly for the packaging, of course.

{mari = riesling white wine, elderflower, and naturally stimulating mate.} {via the dieline.}

let's cook: breaking bad

Breaking Bad Cookies

last night i spent hours researching cookie cutters for my friend's nautical themed baby shower. it started with a seahorse and starfish etsy search and evolved into these bad ass breaking bad beakers and test tubes on flickr.

next thing i knew, i purchased a fancy-pants cookie decorating set and queued up season 5 of breaking bad. after all, the show's final season kicks off this sunday.

yep, that's how i spent my evening -- fixated on cookie decor and meth cooks. in other words, just another thursday night.

rainbow bright

Multi color pendant lamps colour cafe Kevin Boyd Designs

Kevin Boyd Designs Colour Cafe

nothing but ceiling-to-cake goodness.

{kevin boyd design light installation for the colour cafe.} {via poppytalk.}

prettily posed donuts

Aiala hernando donut instagram photograph

Aiala hernando donuts instagram photograph

otherwise known as PMS fun land.

{photography by aiala hernando instagram.}


Jana Knauerov√° Laragh and Lovisa Ingman for Spur february 2012 by Hiroko Matsubara

Colorful candy

Thanksgiving Day with shag rug Siamese and giant bread

darlings, in celebration of the holiday, i give you these gifts of visual indulgence.

lap 'em up, drink 'em in, and dive into all things tasty. shag rug blanket optional, yet highly encouraged.

happy thanksgiving. i'll see you early next week! 


{hiroko matsubara for spur february 2012; candies; couple under shag with banquet platter - source unknown (posted on my facebook timeline by this fellow.}

sweet shrooms




looks like psilocybe cubensis.

tastes like chocolate!

score your psychedelic mushroom sweets at andie's speciality sweets shoppe.




happy valentine's day, kittens!

and, as always...keep in demure.


{top image: shirley maclaine in the eye candy-filled "what a way to go"; bottom: xoxo layer cake via oh joy.}

donut bar


i repeat: donut bar.

{goods from top pot (hand-forged) doughnuts in seattle, WA. image by one love photo.}

who needs a gingerbread house...


...when you have a chocolate eames house?

tasty from the ground up and perfect for an afternoon tea with ice cube.

{created by chef thomas haas.  via notcot.}


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