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mad men season 7 - brace yourself

Mad Men poster key art by icon Milton Glaser

while cruising down beverly boulevard yesterday, i nearly crashed my car when i saw this glorious MAD MEN SEASON 7 MURAL tumbling across the wall of the sofitel hotel.

the artist behind the technicolor, art nouveau masterpiece is iconic '60s artist milton glaser (age 84!). mad men's creator, matthew weiner, sought out glaser as his dream key art illustrator for the show's final season, and luckily for all of us, glaser agreed.

similar to enlisting the art of brian sanders for season 6, weiner truly celebrates and honors the master artists of the mid-century. the result is nostalgic, sophisticated, and exuberantly authentic. thank you, matthew!

but wait -- there's more...

AMC released mad men's season 7 character photos, and darlings, it is head-to-toe perfection.

from peggy's enamel daisy pin to gentlemen sporting various shades of mustard, i'm happily drunk in a sea of fringe and polyester. bring on 1969 and bring it on forever!

costumes by janie bryant. photography by frank ockenfels. enjoy!

Don and Megan Draper TWA airport Mad Men Season 7

Christina Hendricks as Joan Mad Men Season 7

Megan and Don Draper 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Roger Sterling and Don Draper airplane Mad Men season 7

Roger Sterling TWA Mad Men season 7

Bert Cooper and Roger Sterling 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Peggy Olsen on the airplane with boys Mad Men season 7 photographer Frank Ockenfels

Harry Crane Stan Ken and Ginsberg Mad Men season 7

Peggy Olsen and Pete Campbell 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Betty and Henry Francis and Sally Draper

Joan and Betty 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Jim Cutler and Ted Chaough Mad Men season 7 photographer Frank Ockenfels

Peggy Olsen and Don Draper 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Don Draper TWA airplane Mad Men Season 7

{to see the entire gallery, click on over to AMC. remember, the season premiere is april 13th!}

lupita nyong'o

Lupita Nyongo Oscars Red Carpet Prada gown

best dressed. best speech. best liza minnelli encounter. best supporting actress.

i love this woman. congratulations, lupita!

every best actress oscar dress worn since 1929

MediaRun digital illustration Best Actress Oscar dress worn since 1929

hold onto your hair rollers, because tomorrow is the big night, kittens!

the gowns! the glamour! the betting pools (humble brag: i've won over $600 over the past 10 years).

thanks to london-based digitalrun media, we have this truly fabulous illustration bible, which chronicles the gowns worn by oscar winning actresses since 1929. some are iconic, some are infamous. study and commit to memory, darlings. there will be a test.

a few of my faves below. stay glamours, my friends:

Audrey Hepburn Oscar gown givenchy for Roman Holiday

above: bow down! audrey hepburn in givenchy. best actress: roman holiday, 1954. always and forever the queen.

Oscar gown Bette Davis 1939 for Jezebel

above: bette davis works it out in tulle and gossamer "feathers" for her 1939 oscar win for jezebel.

Vivien leigh oscar 1940 gown with the wind

above: the lovely vivien leigh poses with her oscar and dessert plate (two of my favorite things) for her gone with the wind win, circa 1940. (side note: how come red carpet ladies don't wear gown with prints more often?)

Grace Kelly oscar gown by Edith Head the Country Girl 1955

above: perfection - grace kelly in a gown by iconic costume designer edith head. film: the country girl, circa 1955.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher Oscar gown Butterfield 8

above: in 1961, elizabeth taylor wins for butterfield 8. liz wears an ivory silk, embroidered ball gown, waist rose (and sash!), and see-through high neck yellow top. i would totally wear this. and my hair would look fabulous.

Gwyneth paltrow pink Ralph Lauren Oscar gown

above: gwyneth paltrow wins in pink for shakespeare in love. gown by ralph lauren. an iconic dress is born, circa 1999.

Marion cotillard oscar gown by Jean Paul Gaultier

Marion cotillard oscar gown by Jean Paul Gaultier 2008

above: quite possibly my favorite gown in the history of gowns. marion cotillard in jean paul gaultier neptune's muse dress (not the official name -- that's what i call it. jean paul, you're welcome to use it.), circa 2008.

i die.

20 Feet From Stardom

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 15

if you haven't seen the compelling documentary 20 feet from stardom yet, please do.

the film focuses on the music industry's unsung heroes -- the back up singers. these remarkable singers possess voices which drive some of the most iconic songs in history. the documentary gives credit where credit is due by putting these phenomenal artists front and center where they deserve to be.

in addition to the singers' remarkable vocals and stories, the film also exposes the complex and oftentime infuriating politics within the music industry, which keeps these artists on the sidelines despite their occasional desire to take center stage.

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 2_1

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary Darlene Love

i PROMISE you will never listen to the rolling stone's "gimme shelter" the same again. hail, merry clayton!

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary Merry Clayton

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary Lisa Fischer

and how about these opening credits?

i love the john baldessari inspired dots which cover the faces of the lead singer.

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 13

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 22

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 5

20 feet from stardom is available on netflix and is an oscar nominee for best documentary. go see it!

director: morgan neville.

starring: darlene love, merry clayton, lisa fischer, judith hill, and the waters -- and many more.


Her by spike jonze

kittens, i'm back. i swear. i am really back!

after a super long hiatus of 3 whole weeks, i have wiped the cold cream off of my face and lifted the cucumbers from my eyes. i am refreshed and ready to shimmy. pour yourself a cocktail and have a seat. your hair has never looked more fantastic.

over my holiday break, i saw about 10,000 films. and my favorite movie hands down was HER by spike jonze.

HER opens in wide release on january 10th. therefore, polish up you cha cha heels and boogie on down to your nearest movie house. you'll be glad you did.

Joaquin phoenix office colorful cubicle set production design Her by spike jonze

as some of you may remember, i am totally gay for production designers. they are the visual masters of the screen. they create the cinematic world in which we romp. they set the tone and picturesque palette for our thirsty eyes.

they craft colorful kaleidoscope cubicles and high waisted pants. for example:

Joaquin phoenix office set costume design Her by spike jonze

Joaquin phoenix colorful office set production design Her by spike jonze

we have production designer k.k. barrett to thank for HER. barrett worked with jonze on his previous films, and also designed delicious worlds for sofia coppola (lost in translation, marie antoinette), michel gondry (human nature), and david o. russell (i heart huckabees).

in other words, kk barrett is a god. bow down, darlings.

Joaquin phoenix computer set design Her by spike jonze

Joaquin phoenix apartment set design Her by spike jonze

Joaquin phoenix apartment set production design Her by spike jonze

in HER, barrett conjured a near-future los angeles. the streets are clean and the design is minimal yet warm. instead of "sci-fi" blues and greens, this futuristic world is swathed in hues of yellow, golds, orange, and reds.

there is nothing dystopian in spike jonze's and kk barrett's version of the future!

in HER, technology isn't cold and creepy. instead, it is familiar, steam lined, and inviting. that's not to say it isn't isolating. in fact, isolation is part of the societal norm. in the near future, technology cocoons people in a way that makes them feel safe, yet connected just enough. after all, friends, family, colleagues, and intriguing strangers are just a click away. not really too different from present day, correct?

Joaquin phoenix samantha set production design Her by kk barrett

Joaquin phoenix bed in HER

Joaquin phoenix costume design technology Her by spike jonze

Joaquin phoenix apartment set production design Her by kk barrett

the set design and costumes in HER have mid-century (and even turn of the century) elements. but, there are subtle differences.

notice the lack of collars, lapels, belts, and ties. also, most of the decor serves a function -- very stream lined, stylish, yet practical.

Joaquin phoenix olivia wilde restaurant set design Her by spike jonze

kk barrett drew visual inspiration from the city of shanghai. the chinese city's green spaces and business parks also served as shooting locations for the film.

Joaquin phoenix los angeles future set production design Her by spike jonze

Joaquin phoenix green space set production design Her by spike jonze

i do not want to give away of the plot, so i'll just end with saying how happy i was to see los angeles portrayed as a beautiful city, san cars (yep, that's right), with a sweeping skyline, and a subway to the beach!

that is all. now go see it and tell me what you think!

Joaquin phoenix los angeles skyline set production design Her by spike jonze

and HAPPY NEW YEAR, darlings! xoxo

behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Psycho Anthony Perkins

above: anthony perkins frolics with the ladies on the set of psycho (1960).

Behind the scenes Taxi Driver Jodie Foster and sister

above: jodie foster on the set of taxi driver with her body double (and real life sister) connie (1976).

Behind the scenes Goldfinger Sean Connery

above: sean connery and shirley eaton  share a moment - goldfinger (1964).

Behind the scenes 2001 A Space Odyssey

above: taking a break on the set of 2001: a space odyssey (1968).

Behind the scenes Rocky Horror Picture Show Tim Curry

above: dr. frankenfurter's hair looks fabulous on the set of rock horror picture show (1975).

via buzzfeed.

have a dynamite day!

strut and prance for the red, white, and blue.

little edie would want you to!

happy independence day, darlings.


stanley kubrick exhibit at LACMA

Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA camera

over the weekend, i boogied on down to the los angeles county museum of art with steve and our friend denise to experience the closing weekend of LACMA's stanley kubrick exhibition.

i confess, i have been obsessed with kubrick since childhood. sure, his dark, controversial, and sexually charged films are not, um, appropriate elementary and jr. high viewing, but i simply could not get enough of the groovy '60s space costumes and decor in 2001: a space odyssey. i was also fascinated by malcolm mcdowell's false eyelash in a clockwork orange.

the true complexity and subversiveness of kubrick's films didn't kick in until i was much older. i studied his films in college and collected his screenplays when i landed a job in development at a film production company.

kubrick's characters are simply iconic. they make an impact emotionally and visually. they are the darkest of antiheroes and even manage to make us laugh (uncomfortably) when they do very, very, very bad things. it's impossible to go to a halloween party and not see at least one kubrick-inspired costume -- from alex's jaunty white jumpsuit and codpiece, to the grady twins' blue baby doll dresses and black mary janes. 

Film posters Lolita Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA

Kubrick camera lens exhibit LACMA

{above: kubrick's many, many, many camera lenses.}

Dr Strangelove top secret doc Kubrick exhibit LACMA

War Room production sketch Dr Strangelove by Ken Adam Kubrick LACMA

Dr Strangelove war room miniature Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: "dr. strangelove" props; the war room sketch by production designer ken adam; the war room miniature model on display.}

Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA camera from Barry Lyndon camera

{above: steve peeks through kubrick's camera for barry lyndon. NASA zeiss lenses were used to capture the candlelit film.}

The shining slate kubrick LACMA

The Shining Alder typewriter Kubrick LACMA exhibit

The Shining Alder typewriter All Work and No Play Kubrick LACMA

Danny Apollo sweater The Shining Kubrick

Danny Apollo sweater The Shining Kubrick exhibit LACMA

Grady girl twins The Shining

Grady girl twins The Shining Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: props and costumes from "the shining."}

Jack nicholson and stanley kubrick on the set of the shining

Kubrick exhibit LACMA The Shining maze model production

{above: on the set of "the shining."}

Kubrick exhibit LACMAThe Shining rejected poster

Saul Bass letter to Kubrick The Shining

{above: saul bass's letter to kubrick regarding five sketches he submitted for the shining's poster; kubrick's handwritten note states that bass's eye maze is "too abstract." by the way, how much do we love saul bass's signature?}

Alex A Clockwork Orange codpiece costume Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA

A Clockwork Orange Korova Milk Bar Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: "a clockwork orange." alex's infamous white jumpsuit and codpiece; porn statue from the korova milk bar.}

2001 A Space Odyssey pink groovy furniture Kubrick LACMA

Arne Jacobsen cutlery 2001 A Space Odyssey Kubrick LACMA exhibit

{above: "2001: a space odyssey" hot pink lounge furniture; arne jacobsen's cutlery featured in the film.}

Costume design 2001 A Space Odyssey baby Kubrick exhibit LACMA hardy amies

Hardy Amies costume design 2001 a space odyssey

{above: "2001: a space odyssey" costume sketches and design by hardy amies.}

2001 A Space Odyssey baby Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: 2001: a space odyssey's giant baby.}

{all exhibition photography by me. hope you enjoyed it!}

liberace: behind the candelabra

HBO Liberace Behind the Candelabra

kittens, i've been waiting FOR-EV-ER for the premiere of behind the candelabra.

my former boss, howard cummings, is the uber-talented production designer behind this glittery spectacle and i guarantee that your mind will be blown to rhinestone bits. a handful of my friends also worked on this film (from set designers to coordinators) and i couldn't be more happy for them. 

to top it off, behind the candelabra is an incredible screenplay about a complex man and his complicated and closeted relationship.

sex, drugs, music, sparkles, plastic surgery, feathers, and love - who can ask for anything more?

liberace...that's who!

Michael Douglas Matt Damon stage rhinestone car Liberace Behind the Candelabra HBO

Michael Douglas Liberace Behind the Candelabra HBO

Scott Thorson Matt Damon Liberace Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas Liberace Behind the Candelabra

Liberace master bathroom set Behind the Candelabra

Liberace bathroom ceiling set Behind the Candelabra

Liberace swimming pool set Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas Matt Damon poolside Liberace Behind the Candelabra HBO

Liberace master bedroom set Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas Matt Damon Liberace Behind the Candelabra HBO

Liberace diamond piano ring

Michael Douglas Matt Damon car Liberace Behind the Candelabra HBO

for a special behind-the-scenes peek with howard, set decorator barbara munch, and costume designer ellen mirojnick click here

polish your ivories and diamonds this sunday, darlings! and i'll meet you poolside.

{behind the candelabra directed by steven soderbergh. screenplay by richard lagravenese based on a book by scott thorson. starring michael douglas as liberace and matt damon as scott thorson. production design by howard cummings.} {images via hbo.}

mad for ad man brian sanders

Mad Men season 6 poster key art illustrated by Brian Sanders

famed 75-year-old illustrator, brian sanders, is the master craftsman behind mad men's lusciously textured season six key art

hailing from the golden era of magazine illustration, sanders was commissioned by mad men's creator, matthew weiner, to conjure the look and feel of 1960s spy novels, TWA flight menus, and swinging lifestyle ads. the drawing style is called "bubble & streak" and with a name like bubble & streak, it's got to be good.

Womans Mirror 1964 illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: brian sanders illustration for woman's mirror, circa 1965.}

but, wait...there's more!

in 1966, director stanley kubrick  granted sanders rare access to the set and filming of 2001: a space odyssey. sanders documented the behind-the-scenes making of the film via paintings and sketches (photography was not allowed on the set). unfortunately, the controlling kubrick did not allow publication of the drawings. it wasn't until 2001 (two years after kubrick's death) that sanders space odyssey work was published (see examples below).

2001 A Space Odyssey film set Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: behind-the-scences of space odessey: 2001 as seen through the eyes of illustrator brian sanders.}

2001 film set Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: the camera was rigged to move with the centrifuge as the set rotated.}

2001 A Space Odyssey film set air hostesses Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: kubrick predicted that airline uniforms would not change drastically throughout the eras.}

  2001 A Space Odyssey film set astronauts smoking Stanley Kubrick illustrated by Brian Sanders

{above: sanders captures actors smoking and playing pokers between takes.}

{read more about brian sander's collaboration with mad men at the new york times.} {peruse and learn more about sander's amazing work at the art of brian sanders.}

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