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Hooray DIY banner by Hank and Hunt

kittens, i've been working on a secret project for the last week. if all goes well, i'll be able to tell you later this year. anticipation!

i'm still in the thick of it, but wanted to take a brief pause to say HOORAY for side projects. i think this DIY banner on hank and hunt and photo pretty much captures my excitement and stonefaced exhaustion.

make a hooray banner yourself to celebrate whatever strikes your fancy -- being a good friend, keeping a plant alive, a good hair day, the sky's the limit!

Party statue realness

download and print your hooray banner at hank and hunt.

turn IKEA into I-CANDY: pendant lamp

DIY IKEA hack pendant saucer lamp by a beautiful mess

IKEA hack pendant saucer DIY lamp by a beautiful mess

the ladies at a beautiful mess turned an IKEA angenam bowl into a fancy pants pendant lamp.

oh, the glorious power of imagination and an electric drill!


Origami DIY paper basket in the office

Soffa DYI origami paper basket

Origami DIY in the office

Origami in the office

in my dreams, i am an origami master.

in my mega-dreams, i am an origami master that speaks czech.

luckily, this origami paper basket DIY actualizes both. give the crafty project a try. instructions are in both english and czech.

oh, and the measurements are in centimenters. yes, you can exercise your metric system knowledge, too.

let's fold, kittens!

{origami paper basket DIY by soffa magazine.} {via vosgesparis.}

pussy galore

Cats and kittens on sticks

a party ain't a party until you got kitties on a stick.

join the fabulous feline fete at oh happy joy.

doggie domiciles: architecture for dogs

Papier Papillon by Shigeru Ban for a Papillon in Architecture for Dogs

japanese graphic designer, kenya hara, collaborated with a handful of acclaimed artists and designers to create architecturally awesome doghouses and structures. each design was specifically customized to particular a pooch's size, shape, and temperament.

the result - 13 stylish canine spaces. but, that's not all...each creation comes with a DIY, downloadable blueprint! yes, you can build your doggie their own architectural pad!

from ribboned cardboard sculptures to pug plywood mountains, our loyal four-legged friends definitely deserve a little structural swank.

Pointed T by NDC Haruka Misawa for a Japanese Terrier in Architecture for Dogs

{above: 'pointed T'  by hara design institute for a japanese terrier.}

Mount Pug by Kengo Kuma in Architecture for Dogs

{above: mount pug by kengo kuma.}

Mobile Home for Shiba by Toyo Ito in Architecture for Dogs

{above: mobile home for shiba by toyo ito.}

Chihuahua white cloud by Reiser and Umemoto in Architecture for Dogs

Chihuahua cloud by Reiser and Umemoto in Architecture for Dogs

{above: chihuahua cloud by reiser + umemoto.}

Kenya Hara dog ramps Architecture for Dogs

{above: for long-bodied, short-legged dogs by atelier bowwow.}

see all 13 structures (including videos of the dogs interacting with the designs) at architecturefordogs.com

{top image: papier papillon by shigeru ban for a papillon.}

Turn IKEA into I-CANDY: rainbow bookshelf

Elia Maurizi and Francesco Pepa ikea hack book shelf colored brackets

Elia Maurizi and Francesco Pepa ikea hack bookcase colored brackets

IKEA hacking. it happens and we love every moment of it. let's celebrate the miracle of turning IKEA into I-CANDY by admiring this splendid bookshelf hack by elia maurizi and francesco pepa.

using six pieces of the EKBY TRYGGVE solid wood shelf ($6.99 each), ten EKBY TÖRE brackets ($5.00 each), and some paint, they crafted this colorful, practical, and super purty shelving unit.

Ikea hack EKBY TRYGGVE and EKBY TORE book shelf latex pain

learn more about the transformation here!

{via apartment therapy.}

wine crate furniture

Modern cubby bookshelf barcelona chair

Modern cubby bookshelf crate desk

Modern cubby bookshelf crate bedframe

paint them up or keep them raw. just think of them as a step up from milk crate furniture.


{top and bottom image via blood & champagne. top and middle image - the box house in florence, italy.}

adventures in video blogshop

Poketo Video Blogshop Los Angeles

a few weeks ago, i grabbed my iPhone and canon DSLR and boogied downtown to cross a lingering item off of my to-do list: "learn how to shoot and edit video."

sure, i've fooled around with iMovie, but the most i ever did was set music to a 10-second video of a baby otter. needless to say, formal training was in order.

the first day of class was held at the land of all things awesome -- poketo. the instructors were the lovely and creative bri of blogshop and her talented (and patient) videographer boyfriend, arian of modshift. we learned how to pan, zoom and track (and more) using handheld camera techniques and a lot of "what would wes anderson do?" thought processes. 

we shot everything from facial expressions to sidewalk splatters, keeping in mind we would assemble our digital madness into an award-winning edited video the following day.

Notice of filming Los Angeles

IPhone video Blogshop

Poketo Orange bike bells

Blogshop Los Angeles Balloons Bri and Arian

the next day was a photoshop wonderland of video editing.

yes, the latest version of photoshop CS6 has video editing capabilities! being the photoshop groupie that i am, i knew this would be right up my alley.

bri and angela skillfully guided us through the steps and tricks to lay out video tracks, add music, use overlays, add fades, and use good ol' photoshop adjustment layers, masks, and effects. they even used videos they had created as examples and provided us with extremely helpful exercise files.

Video Blogshop class Los Angeles

and of course, there was a fabulous photo booth. behold, our glorious instructors!

Blogshop Los Angeles Photo Booth

and last, but not least, MY FIRST VIDEO!

cobbled together using the footage shot during our workshop at poketo, it's pretty silly, but was very fun to make. oh, and blogshop is holding a little contest, so if my video gets picked, i score a shiny new copy of CS6! i am currently on a trial version that expires in 12 days, so wish me luck.

finally, a big thank you to video blogshop, all of the other students, and poketo. new skills, new friends, and new inspiration -- who could ask for anything more?

photography by whorange.
Masked Ma'am

Halloween masks on vintage portraits by Danielle Thompson

make a masquerade mask for your favorite vintage miss, mrs., ma'am, or madam.

originally used as a DIY for halloween decorating, i think this treatment is fine for every day --especially when paired with a blonde bouffant.

DIY halloween masks on vintage portraits by Danielle Thompson

{learn how-to at design sponge.} {via tiffany mcleain.}

Turn IKEA Into I-CANDY with panyl



stick-and-play vinyl, decal-like panels from panyl bring a little pretty to your plain IKEA. panyl's got your swedish staples covered from the expedit and framstå to your ekby järpen and bestå tombo.

you can cut 'em up and get crafty, too. hackers, welcome.

{see all of the options at panyl's website.} {via babble.}

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