Tula jeng womens march protest signs model minority

kittens! i'm back. like a magic-deprived unicorn, i've returned to the land of whorange and rainbows for rejuvenation. 

yes, the cheeto tornado in the white house is overwhelming and the political climate feels precarious. it's not good for the hair and it's not good for the soul. pushing through and resisting is necessary, but it never feels like enough -- so many phone calls to make, town halls meetings to attend, organizations to support, trolls to block, vulnerable communities to protect, news stories to absorb, strategies to plan, and congress people to micro-manage.

at times like this, i find community building very healing and empowering. around the country, folks are gathering in congressional town halls, protesting at airports, and organizing en masse down city streets to resist this administration.

protests and marches have the awesome power to bring people together and provide an amplified voice. they remind our officials we are watching and they show people around the world we are not backing down. the tornado hears us, too.

one of the best ways to express yourself in a crowd is with a sign. personalized signs are easy to make and can be done on a minimal budget depending on your degree of fancy.

wanna make one? here's what you'll need:

Protest poster sign making foam core boards

foam core boards. i prefer boards that are 20" x 30" x 3/16". they are light, but study enough for the outdoors. plain white boards are $2.99 and color boards are $6.99 at michael's.

i like two-sided signs, so i get two boards per sign.

Protest sign making paints and glitter

paints. i use acrylic paints for my poster boards. fabric paints are great for cloth banners and for signs that need to withstand rain. spray paints work well with stencils and large scale signs. also, a sprinkle of glitter on semi-dry paint makes everything awesome.

Protest sign poster making pens pencils

pens and sharpies. these are especially good for smaller signs, fine lines, and illustrations. have pencils and erasers handy for sketching. 

Protest sign making letters stencils

optional -- pre-cut letters, glitter letters, and stencils. these are available at most craft stores. i prefer to use them for tracing only (so i can reuse them), but many of my friends directly apply them to their signs. this is a more costly, but it's quick and easy.

Protest sign making paper cutter star hole punch

paper shapers  -- totally optional, but i can't live without them. i prefer working with paper appliques, so a good paper cutter and some paper punches are super handy.

How to make a protest sign color paper

for my signs, i cut letters from colored paper and affix them using permanent glue sticks. i prefer cardstock paper over construction paper. it's more durable and will not quickly fade.

How to make a protest sign lettering

i cut even-sized strips of paper using my paper cutter. i free-hand the letters using a pencil and scissors.

Protest sign making womens march

looks like this!

How to make a protest sign painting

another sign-making option is paint. painting is quick and easy.

tip: do not water down your paint. it will warp your foam boards.

Hot pink glitter on paint

optional (but fabulous!) -- sprinkle glitter on your sign when the paint is semi-dry. 

How to make a protest sign womens march

tip: bold color backgrounds and black text are easy to read from a distance!

Womens march puppet president sign making

we had a sign-making party with friends. the kids loved making signs, too.

How to make womens march signs

as mentioned, paint can warp foam boards. if this happens, wait until your signs are completely dry and use heavy books to flatten corners.

How to make a protest sign staple gun

for sign handles, please check with your city or town's sign regulations. some cities do not allow wood handles. others require specific dimensions. for example, los angeles allows wood sticks that are no more than 1/2" thick and no more than 2" wide.

if your location does not allow wood sticks, use a hollow cardboard tube instead (wrapping paper tubes work well). use a hot glue gun to affix your sign to the tube.

or, opt not to use a handle at all!

if your location does allow wood sticks, affix your signs with a staple gun:

Protest sign making staple gun

staple away!

Cardboard sharpie protest sign

remember, you do not need to be fancy. a piece of cardboard and sharpie marker will always do the trick. 

Protest signs immigrants we get the job done

think about your message and the climate of the march. some marches are more somber and others are more playful. design your signs accordingly.

Free The People Immigration March Los Angeles Here To Stay Tula Jeng

above: my "here to stay" sign for the "free the people immigration march" in los angeles. the forecast called for rain, therefore, i used fabric paint because it is waterproof.

Womens march los angeles protest signs

above: our signs for the women's march in los angeles.


consider making a two-sided sign so your messages can be read from the front and back.

finally, have a sign-making party! ask people to bring their own foam core boards and a few items (paint, paint brushes, drop cloth, adhesive letters, pens, glitter, wood sticks, cardboard tubes, etc.). research previous marches for slogans and inspiration. read the rules, regulations, and platforms for each march and prepare accordingly. also, consult these handy march tips before you go.

that's it! remember, keep showing up! stay active and be engaged. gather your people and let your voices be heard.


Balenciaga Fall 2017 Bernie Sanders Collection

Balenciaga Fall 2017 Bernie Sanders Collection hoodie

Balenciaga Fall 2017 Bernie Sanders Collection slicker

Fashion maven Bernie Sanders inspired Balenciaga's Fall 2017 Menswear Collection, because that's what 75-year-old socialists from Vermont do.


Casio pastel keyboard SK-1 ultra rare pink with light blue keys 1985

this object will comfort me until the end of time.

{Casio SK-1 ultra rare pink keyboard with light blue keys, circa 1985 via darkshapes.}


David bowie bouncy cat

Happy Birthday, David Bowie. The stars look very different since you have left this earth. We miss you. But, today, we dance.


Obama NODAPL water is life

Dear President Obama,

Remember when you and First Lady Michelle visited Standing Rock two years ago for Cannon Ball Flag Day? I scrapbooked the beautiful photos for you to remind you of the promises you made that day. You celebrated with the Sioux, met the youth, and gave a moving speech.

You said, "I realize that a powwow isn’t just about celebrating the past. It’s also about looking to the future. It’s about keeping sacred traditions alive for the next generation, for these beautiful children. And I think we can follow the lead of Standing Rock’s most famous resident, Chief Sitting Bull. He said, 'Let’s put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.' There’s no denying that for some Americans the deck has been stacked against them, sometimes for generations. And that’s been the case for many Native Americans. But if we’re working together, we can make things better. We’ve got a long way to go. But if we do our part, I believe that we can turn the corner. We can break old cycles. We can give our children a better future. I know because I’ve talked to these young people. I know they can succeed. I know they’ll be leaders not just in Indian Country, but across America. And we’ve got to invest in them and believe in them and love them, and that starts from the White House all the way down here."

President Obama, please do not forget your promises. Do not forget the Standing Rock Sioux. Invest in their health, their future, and help them succeed as you said you would. Demand a halt or rerouting of the pipeline. Declare Standing Rock a national monument. Stop the brutal, militarized policing of the water protectors. Tomorrow is the deadline -- the Army Corps of Engineers and ND Governor's will demand the reservation's evacuation. The vets are at Standing Rock right now defending the Sioux. You can, too. Yes, you can, President Obama. Yes, you can. Thank you.


Annette Lemieux left right left right whitney museum

These are fists of protest. Two weeks ago, I stood in front of this powerful art by Annette Lemieux and thought about all who had marched before us to fight for civil rights, women's rights, and gay rights. I thought about how proud I was that our country was on the brink of electing our first woman President. I believed that collectively, we were going to reject a candidate who sold bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, fear, conspiracy, and toxic masculinity as his platform. I thought we were going to honor those who came before us and nurture our future generations.
I was wrong. I went to bed crying and woke up scared. As a woman of color, how do I move forward with hope and strength when so many people in this country don't care if I am objectified, profiled, or sexually assaulted? How do I lead with love when the rights of marginalized and underserved people are threatened and the three branches of government don't have our backs?
There is so much more I want to say, but I am numb and at a loss for words. I want to take action. I do. But, I cannot today. Today I'm hugging my loved ones tightly. Tomorrow I will raise my fist in protest.
We will organize and stand strong. As @sallykohn says, "Love will still trump hate. It may just take longer than we expected." This fight has only begun. Expect us.

{art: "Left Right Left Right" by Annette Lemieux at the Whitney Museum.}


Vintage cat voting hillary clinton

I voted for her because she supports a woman's right to choose, marriage equality, gun control, immigrants' rights, a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, special needs children, #blacklivesmatter, criminal justice reform, and transgender rights. I voted for her because she believes in science. I voted for her because she stood up to the human embodiment of bigotry and misogyny and inspired a nation to say "No!" to hate. I voted for her because she studies, practices, and prepares.

I voted for her because she has the Obamas, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Bernie, and Rep. John Lewis on speed dial.

I voted for her because I want to break the glass ceiling.

And, finally, I voted for her because she makes pantsuits really cool.

I just voted for the first woman President and I couldn't be more thrilled. What a time to be alive.


Orange vintage payphone phone

Have you called your friends, family, BFFs, frenemies, pussy posse, swing-staters, nasty women, Bernie Bros, girl bosses, bad hombres, woke uncles, cool dads, badass moms, card-carrying millennials, and bully-tamers and reminded them to get to the polls and VOTE? The future is in our hands, my friends! To quote the great Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Don't screw this up."


Marc jacobs for hillary clinton im with her

Anyone else freaking out about this cray election? When I get panicked over the thought of "He Who Must Not Be Named" running our country, I do what my activist mama taught me and I get to work. Therefore, I'm dedicating this weekend to #GOTV.

As President Obama always says, "Don't boo. VOTE!" The opposition can't hear you boo, but they can hear you vote. In the same spirit, I say, "Don't cry. CALL!" Calling democrats in swing states and encouraging them to vote is not as scary as it sounds. You can do it from the comfort of your sofa or make it a phone banking party with friends! Sign up on and see how easy it is to dial-a-Dem!

When calling, voting-themed attire and power pantsuits are optional, but highly encouraged.

old brand new: louisiana flood relief


in light of the devastating floods in louisiana, my dear friend and new orleans denizen, dabito of old brand new, is selling his gorgeous fiber art with 100% of the proceeds going to the louisana red cross.

if you're an artist or crafter, please consider selling some of your work to donate to flood relief. it's an impactful and important way to give to those in need.

thank you, dabito. we are glad you and ryan are safe. our thoughts and actions are with your louisana neighbors.


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