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looking through the viewfinder with groovin' pop

while whoranging through etsy, i stumbled across a cool collection of square-shaped, saturated photographs of vintage goods.  the seller, groovin' pop, described the pieces as "TTV (through the viewfinder)" photography.  of course, i had no idea what this meant.  luckily, the lovely athena from groovin' pop was kind enough to give me the skinny on the pretty:

TTV is a super cool technique which involves using a digital camera to take pictures "through the viewfinder" of an older camera.  in athena's case, she pairs her digital with an old kodak duaflex III.  in order to block out reflections and light, she built a box-like contraption between the digital camera and the viewfinder.  many TTV photographers use a cardboard tube, but in athena's case, she uses an apple jacks cereal box.  click here to see athena's crafty cereal box contraption.

thanks, athena for the TTV education and inspiration!

to purchase athena's fab photos and other groovy goods, visit her shoppe here.  and to check out other examples of TTV photography (found on flickr), do so after the JUMP.

prêt-à-thonet : pablo reinos gets his chair on

there is nothing i love more than practical fashion.  for the 2007 fall-winter parade of david delfin, franco-argentinian artist and designer, pablo reinoso, incorporated the always handy chair with designer delfin's high end couture.  the result -- ensembles appropriate for concerts, grocery lines, or lengthy political rallies.

save me a seat!

(via crib candy).

fully engaged

(image via photo mama).

while whoranging in mexico, something amazing happened -- steve and i got engaged!  that's right...he wants to make an honest woman of me!

we're super excited and can't wait to embark on the mr. & mrs. adventure together.  we're not sure what we're supposed to do next, but i feel some WHORANGE-styled wed posts coming on.  any words of wisdom are welcome.  our future is in your hands, people.

first on the agenda -- what to register for.  china or a man-servant?

(to view two pix of me and steve moments before and moments after the engagement, click here).

lamptastic: lighting up with non fiction design collective

i'd like to thank shelterrific for introducing me to the wonderful world of non fiction design collective.  my life has officially changed.

as a strong advocate of rabbit lamps, i highly encourage clearing a space on your bedside table for these little guys.  they'll watch over you as you sleep and guide you in the darkest of times...


and, this forest light, hammered brick lamp with rat and insect motif is quite fetching. the flicker bulb helps add interest to any mantle...

and, a polar bear with coffee can shoes is never not a good thing...


non fiction design is environmentally conscious, repurposing materials such as abandoned wallpaper, clearance mouse trips, and other industrial cast offs.  what's not to crave?

check out all of their fab goods here.

when worlds collage: the art of gretchen wagoner

in my ongoing quest to merge with nature while navigating the concrete jungle of los angeles, i came across the ultra-fab, new york-based, collage artist and painter gretchen wagoner on design for mankind.  in gretchen's world, woodland creatures mingle beneath gilded chandeliers, wear cowboy boots, and don locks of flowing, human hair (chris march would be so proud!).

although she lives in NYC, gretchen grew up in wisconsin where nature played an important part in her life.  she works with wood and paper and in mediums of gouache, resin, and gocco.  the result is textural, rich, whimsical, and 100% craveable.

gretchen's art ranges from 15.00 to 200.00 and is available at SITE, velocity art & design, and her etsy shoppe.  hop on it, people, because her goods go fast!

view MORE of gretchen wagoner's fabulousness after the JUMP.

whoranging in sayulita, mexico


steve and i just got back from whoranging in the sleepy little fishing/surfing village of sayulita, mexico.  although i cannot impress you with rugged tales of fishing or surfing the pacific, i can tell you this...i snorkeled like a seasoned amateur and hiked lava rocks and jungle paths wearing flip flops and a sundress.  yes, this city girl got her tropical adventure on, people.

we had an amazing time, met the friendliest folks, and ate more desserts and guacamole than i thought humanly possible.

and every day, we were greeted with this message at the top of our stairs at the hotel villa amor...


we dug it.  we lived it.

MORE pictures of sayulita, sundries, and sand after the JUMP.

DEAR WHORANGE: where to go for wallpaper

(above: nama rococo sixty-eight wallpaper in mellow orange)

dear whorange,

after teasing me with the expedit I-CANDY retro makeover, i need wallpaper suggestions.  until then, my ikea will be naked.  how will it ever make the pages of martha stewart magazine?

by the way, your hair looks fantastic today.

june bug jim

darling june bug,

keeping your ikea properly attired and camera-ready is the first step toward effective stage-parenting, recognition, and potential fame.  WHORANGE is here to help.

below are a few of my favorites for your furniture's consideration.

stay pretty,



clockwise from top left:  family tree; feather; leaves; bindweed; waldots; orchid.  all from ferm living.


clockwise from top left:  navajo;  blackbird;  palm;  calvary.  all from cavern.

clockwise from top left:  aster space in chocolate mint;  flower petal in smores;  luxury in turquoise;  terminal in grasshopper;  kabloom in artichoke;  sakura in santa fe.  all from flavor paper.

MORE wallpaper including ECO-FRIENDLY and SCRATCH & SNIFF versions after the JUMP.

weekend event: vintage eames clinic at the eames office


the fabulous roz from the eames office contacted me regarding the first vintage eames clinic going down this saturday, may 17th.  check it out...

eames scholar and collector, daniel ostroff, will be holding court at the eames office ready to answer questions and give you the skinny on your eames furniture.  simply bring in your design, or detailed pictures of it, and daniel will provide authentication, dating, assessment, and history of your particular piece.


and get this...if your eames is particularly unique, the office may feature it on their website.  the plywood chair that you scored off of craigslist may be a star, baby!

also, copies of daniel's book "modern classic," about the eames fiberglass chair, will be for sale.  he will be signing and talking about the research that went into creating the book.  he will also describe ways to distinguish one eames vintage design from another.  (DAX vs. DAR -- do you know the difference?)

finally, check out daniel's "vintage eames" segment on the office's website.  he's got some fun stuff going on including "eames spotting," Q & A, and groovy downloadable eames brochures and vintage catalogs.

for more details on the event, click here.  or, email roz at roz@eamesoffice.com to make a 15 minute appointment with dan.

happy whoranging!

turn IKEA into I-CANDY: the expedit goes retro


i just threw down 199 bucks for the ikea expedit bookcase.  although it isn't the easiest thing to put together (helpful hint: use several 3-foot adjustable clamps!), the cubbies are simply to die for.

last week, i saw this retro makeover on apartment therapy and now i'm tempted to crank up the I-CANDY dial on my virgin expedit.

and it's easy, people.  1).  take some groovy wallpaper; 2).  pin it to the back of the bookcase; 3.  admire your work.

for more details, click here.

oh deer: carved wood animals by roost


living in los angeles, i don't get many opportunities to interact with nature.  luckily, roost makes a wooden menagerie of life-sized deer and feathered friends which will allow me to experience the great outdoors from the comfort of my own living room.

perhaps i'll pair them with the life-sized horse lamp or pig table, or group them together for a true nature channel experience.

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