over the weekend, i boogied on down to the hive gallery and studios in downtown LA for an evening of art, music, live painting, tetris playing, beverages, and pole dancing.  although i missed the pole dancing, i did catch a few sessions of live painting and tetris, and as i journeyed towards the back of the gallery, i came across an artist whom i've been whoranging after for over a year -- melissa moss.

i first discovered melissa through a post on design milk and more recently on poppy talk.  melissa's acrylic and gouache paintings on wood are absolutely beautiful and otherworldly, and her color palette is a craveable wonderland in itself.

so there i am, staring at melissa's collection of illustrated goodness, and hanging front and center is a print on wood called "tula."  not feeling the love isn't an option, people.  check it out...


steve felt the whorange and purchased it for me as a gift.  isn't he groovy?

to top it off, melissa is super cool.  she's funny, inspirational, and truly dedicated to her work.  i would have hung out with her all night long, but i eventually had to continue on my quest to find the beverages and pole dancing festivities.

melissa's artwork is available here and here.

MORE melissa moss art plus a PHOTO of melissa and me after the JUMP.