next time you clean out your junk drawer, medicine cabinet, cupboard, or closet, considered sending your unwanted goods to san francisco artist jason mecier.  jason will lovingly turn your toothbrushes, lighters, and stale spices into glorious, mosaic, pop art masterpieces.

i first saw jason's clutteriffic works at wasteland in san francisco.  it was the mid-90s and he had crafted giant portraits of the cast of beverly hills 90210 and melrose place entirely out of beans and pasta.  tori spelling never looked better.

you have to see it to truly stalk it.  in fact, put jason's artwork on your list of "things i must see in real life before i die."  it's a whorange requirement.  the amount of care, thought, and attention to detail jason puts into his artful assemblages is truly mind-blowing.  each piece of material is selected not just for its color and shape, but for its meaning to the subject at hand.  for example, donald trump's mug is composed of cellphones, gold pens, calculators, and jewels.  tammy faye's portrait is constructed from artificial fingernails and nail polish.

what would your portrait contain?  my would probably involve necco wafers, cupcakes, and a life-size horse lamp.

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