(image via sunset flame).

it's happening, people...my camping trip is just around the corner and i have no idea what to expect.  in preparation, i packed a dozen one-serving cinnamon applesauces and watched the nature channel for three hours.

i also composed a collection of fabulous faux bois accessories and furnishings to set my wilderness milieu.  i think it's working.  i feel more in touch with nature already...


above:  1. stump mini plaque (25.00);  2. ever-together tyvek wallet (18.00);  3. faux bois ring (13.00);  4. wood h bag (29.00);   5. plank yoga mat (65.00-99.00);  6. tanya aguiniga stump stool;  7. pop ink smorgas-board melamine set (36.00);  8. blaise belt (95.00).


above:  1. shady tree ceiling lamp (585.00);  2. woodland deer (40.00);  3. woodgrain fabric;  4. wood grain rug (129.00);  5. courtney skott unupholstered chair;   6. filex emma folder (6.95).