Banksys pet store bunnyBanksys pet store chicken nuggets leopard

(images via pavol sulek.)

at bansky's village pet store, a rhesus monkey watches primate porn, fish sticks swim freely, and a hen watches her chick McNuggets peck happily away on a bbq sauce packet.  the shop's rule is simple -- "please do not tap on the glass."  after all, you don't want to disturb these little animontronic creatures.

the sandwich board sign outside reads, "open for pet supplies/rare breeds/mechanically retrieved meat.”  nothing is for sale, though, inside of the mock shop despite stacks of canned dog and cat food, quail eggs, and packaged mystery meats.  the store's keeper, however, will be happy to introduce you to the newborn litter of hot dog pups.

the elusive, british artist's exhibition cleverly explores the strange relationship that we humans have with our animal friends/food.  i was lucky enough to catch banksy's graffiti art show in los angeles a few years back.  i can only hope his pet project takes up shop in los angeles soon.  

visit banksy's village pet store and charcoal grill on 7th avenue between west 4th and bleeker street in new york.  the exhibition is free and open daily from 10 am - 12 am until october 31st.

click below to see these little caged creatures move!