Audrey Kawasaki at Thinkspace Los Angeles

sometimes whoranging happens when you least expect it.

on saturday evening i attended a protest rally against proposition 8 in the silver lake district of los angeles (to see my protest pix, click here).  as the 20,000+ crowd walked en masse down santa monica blvd., we cruised passed thinkspace art gallery.  in the window was a craveable installation with a fabulously cluttered desk and wall of vintage keys and a ouija board.  i turned to my friend and said, "after we overturn prop 8, i am going to move into thinkspace's window display."

(above image via notcot.)

as it turns out, the seductive installation was crafted by none other than the esoteric, pixie-of-an-artist, audrey kawasaki.  audrey curated the gallery's latest show, "the drawing room", which opened last friday.  the window wonderland is a replica of audrey's own work space, which explains the collection of delightfully dark curiosities and art mediums.


audrey's paintings and drawings on wood grain panels are a fusion of japanese manga comics, art nouveau, and lolita.  to say i've always wanted one is a understatement.


as expected, lines snaked around the block on friday night, and audrey's purty pieces sold out even before the doors opened.

Audrey_kawasaki_silent stories

so, poodles, if you're in los angeles, or just so happen to be protesting around the corner, drop on by thinkspace for some must-see, eye candy goodness.  artists such as timothy karpinski and robert pokorny are also featured in the show.

oh, and while you're at it, let's overturn prop 8, shall we?

thinkspace art gallery
4210 santa monica blvd.
los angeles, CA 90029
(323) 913-3375    

thursday - sunday
1pm - 6pm (or by appointment)
november 7st - november 30th