Todd Oldham celebrity photography Amy Sedaris

{above:  amy sedaris for nest.}

beloved craft master, furniture maven, interior designer, DIY darling, animal activist, and overall hottie todd oldham not only lights up the design domain, but he's a damn fine photographer to boot.

colorful, clever, and craveable, todd creates yummy eye candy whether he's shooting celebrities, mag models, or interesting interiors.

Ricki lake simon doonan todd oldham

{above left:  ricki lake for paper;  above right: barney's creative director and jonathan adler's hubby simon doonan for paper.}

Ashton kutcher alyson hannigan todd oldham

{above left:  ashton kutcher for paper;  above right:  alyson hannigan for out.}

Graceland elvis crotch todd oldham

{above top:  elvis's crotch:  above bottom: inside of graceland.}

Amy sedaris todd oldham photography

{above top:  amy sederis as cinnamon for wig field;  above bottom: home & fashion story for out.}

Justin bond stephen colbert todd oldham

{above left:  justin bond for the film short bus;  above right:  stephen colbert as dr. raja chuhas for wig field.}

and last but not least...

Stephen colbert raven the stripper todd oldham

guess who this g-string diva is?

nope...guess again.  click here to find out.