Hello naomi cupcakes owls birds

i just finished assembling 180 wedding invitations and now i'm packing and fluttering off to san francisco.  and by fluttering, i mean driving.

before i hit the road, i planned on picking up a dozen mini cupcakes to keep me nourished and sane.  but, i just found out that the little cuppy cake shoppe near my house has "closed down for renovations."  given the state of the economy, i hope this isn't code word for something else.  it breaks my heart seeing so many small shops going out of business.

so, in honor of my darling little bakery, i'm posting a craveable collection of inspirational treats courtesy of australian-based hello naomi.  perhaps this will help swirl up the sugar spirits.

Hello naomi cupcakes black owls

(special thanks to west of hollywood's prince of panache, laine, for introducing me to naomi!)