darlings, pour yourself a cocktail because postings may be a bit light for the next few days.  i'm in the middle of printing, assembling, logging, gluing, weighing, tying, pressing, and cutting my wedding invitations, and honey...it ain't all glamour.  i'm DIYing it and there is no turning back now!

i'll give you the full skinny on the invitation soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of me letterpressing a little bit of text onto ye ole invites.


yep, i decided to take a letterpress night class at the local art college.  my stationery budget is pretty tight, so i figured a class would allow me get a little press in my wedding without having to pay the letterpress prices.  plus, i'm learning a new skill, which is always a groovy thing.

here's a teeny, tiny peek at my first pressing.


sure, it's not the most complicated design, but each piece is pressed with 100% tula love.  full invitation ensemble to come!