John waters home space place todd oldham

i have a pair of cha cha heels and a crinoline dress hanging in my closet reserved for the day john waters invites me over to his home for tea.

until then, i can experience john's eclectic abode simply by flipping through the glorious pages of "place space."  photographed by todd oldham, this must-have book offers a peeping tom's POV into mr. water's homestead and personal collection of vintage knick-knacks, fab furnishings, collectible art, one-of-a-kind porn, and plastic food.

John waters home space place electric chair

{above: john waters's reading room, breakfast nook, and electric chair.}

John waters home space place plastic food collection

{above:  a cornucopia of plastic food for every room of the house.}

John waters home space place bed room

{above:  special rooms for special creatures.}

John waters home space place jackie 0

{above: art collections including works by mike kelly, jeff koons, and yoshimoto nara.}

John waters home space place book postcards

and, last but not least, the book comes wrapped in a custom designed poster to adorn your walls!  the pages also include tear out postcards featuring book titles from john’s library such as "sex on horseback," "the sin of susan slade," and "gay john!"  remember:  reading is fundamental, poodles!

oh, and did i mention the forward is written by todd oldham and cindy sherman?  umm hmm...that, too.

John waters home space place kitchen

what's not to whorange?  get yourself a copy of "space place" with john waters here.