Tula and steve wedding deer invitations

oh deer.  as promised, here are my wedding invitations in their perfectly imperfect glory.  (click here for a larger view.)  wood tree block via the fabulous b green design.

i had never put together a multi-component invite, and must say, within the course of six weeks, i learned more than i ever thought i could about paper, inks, construction, RGB, CMYK, hemp cord, scoring, adobe illustrator, envelopes, letterpressing, offset printing, glue sticks, and masochism.

top honors go to my best friend and maid-of-honor, gennan shippen, who gloriously designed the flora and fauna motifs.  from dancing bunnies and bears, to perching peacocks, to doting deer, gennan's playful yet elegant illustrations truly put the pretty in pretty.

also, my aunt diane provided fabulous calligraphy for the envelopes, which you can't see very well in this picture, but trust me, it's good enough to eat.


i took on the glamorous job of printing and construction.  after receiving quotes from print shops ranging from 1500-2600 dollars, i realized i had to get crafty and DIY it.

i enrolled in a beginning letterpress class at otis college of art & design and learned how to press the invitation's text insert, two sets of thank you cards, and my program cover.  i stayed at the studio until 1:00 a.m. on several nights because i'm a complete loon.  i became obsessed.  steve wondered if i was going to start letterpressing post-it notes and toilet paper.

DIY letterpress wedding invitation peacocks

(by the way, after mentioning my letterpress class last month, i have received a lot of emails from readers asking about my experience.   stay tuned.  letterpress class post coming soon!)

for the remainder of the inserts (RSVP, map, hotel accommodations, wedding day details), i picked up basic white card stock from kelly paper and ran them off at copymat.

DIY wedding invitation RSVP hotels map

one of my and steve's favorite invitation elements is the RSVP card.  we included a message on the bottom of the card which read, "please feel free to write or doodle something for us on the back of this card."  the backside featured a little doe and a simple top border.

here are a few of the smashing replies we've received so far...

DIY wedding invitation RSVP art note replyDIY wedding invitation RSVP art note reply card DIY wedding invitation RSVP art note reply green acres

green acres reply card courtesy of my favorite west of hollywood prince, laine.

Diy hemp tied wedding invitations deer

end result -- by making my own invitations with the help of my friends and family, i learned how to work a letterpress, bonded with the guys at kelly paper, saved a few thousand dollars, and only went slightly insane.

cut, print...that's a wrap!

DIY wedding invitation RSVP art note reply love