it actually happened, poodles!  this little missy became a mrs.on saturday!

i can't wait to share the fete with you all once i get some proper pix.  in the meantime, here are some snaps from our vintage photo booth.

FUN 'STACHE FACT:  about five years ago, a psychic told me i would marry a man with a mustache.  i had known steve for several years, but it was one night, after a long talk about radiohead and coachella, that i realized i had fallen for him.  then on our first official "date," steve showed up with, you guessed it...a mustache.  little did he know how far that 'stache would take him.

four years later, for our wedding, i couldn't resist supplying a few barber mustaches-on-a-stick by something's hiding in here.  after all...somethings (and some 'staches) are just meant to be.