Silhouette masterpiece theatre
once again, wilhelm staehle has conjured up more brilliant works for his silhouette masterpiece theatre.

however, did you know mr. staehle is also dabbles in twitter?  it's true.  staehle's tweets bestow tiny bits of valuable wisdom such as:

"the fact that squirrels can not remain still is one of their many charms. but it does pose quite a challenge when trying to dress them."


"when one has insomnia one is to count sheep. but, what if one has a paralyzing fear that one is actually counting wolves in sheep's clothing?"

food for thought.

Silhouette masterpiece theatre dandy lion

finally, WHORANGE dedicates this delightful piece to dandy-extraordinaires uncle beefy, mr. peacock, thom of fabulon, and maison21.  gentlemen, we love you!