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{image via modern fred.}

darling readers:

in typical rockstar fashion, my computer lived life too close to the edge and crashed.  while it undergoes rehab, let's take a moment to reflect back on more innocent times -- a time when WHORANGE was only one-month old.

so, put on your spandex, turn up the 8-track, and let's get busy to our favorite rock ballad as we flashback to march 25, 2008...


dear whorange:

i need help. after reacquainting myself with the cinema verite masterpiece HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, i have realized that i must own this shirt. i need it like crack needs cocaine. i would say i need the entire ensemble, but let's not get crazy.

so miss whorange, where do i point my browser or direct my skinny legs to find myself something so desirable? i put you on the case.

yours in judas priest,

-- laine

Heavy metal parking lot rocker zebra pants

darling laine,

the need to emulate a screen idol is perfectly natural and highly encouraged at WHORANGE.  so, prepare to get your tailgating catwalk on, because i found the entire ensemble for you.


the shirt hails from a cheerleader & spirit gear shop and comes in prints of cheetah, tiger, white zebra, and pink zebra. order one size smaller for a snug fit.  cut with scissors.  take a shot beforehand for best results.  the leggings are american apparel.  the belt is slash n' burn.

and, if you enjoy these choices, may i also suggest for your home...


above clockwise from left:  venfield zebra chair (7250.00); dan yeffet hanging lights (3500.00);  neiman marcus edible handbag cake (235.00);  hand painted zebra martini glasses (70.00);  zebra devil duckie (8.50); caboots hair-on cowhide cowboy boots 560.00.

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE., your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.