while whoranging over at mirror, mirror, i ran across amy ruppel's eye-gasmic state animal series.  not only is amy's wax, paper & oil work on wood completely craveable, but it is educational, too!

for example, who knew virginia's state animal was the long-eared bat?  or that BOTH new york and oregon hailed the beaver?  and what's a quahaug?

all i know is our furry, feathered, and aquatic friends work very hard at upholding their state animal titles.  let's polish their tiaras with a little lovin', shall we?

Amy ruppel state animal series illinoisAmy ruppel state animal series indiana michael jackson

i have no idea what's going on in indiana, but i would definitely pledge allegiance to it.

{limited edition paintings are 145.00 & prints are 20.00.  available here.}