{above:  hello kitty by jason mercier.}

hell hath no fury like a hello kitty scorned.

TRUE STORY:  in 5th grade, i referred to hello kitty as "hello shitty" and got my ass kicked.  no joke.  a pack of boys jumped me after school...boys!  seems my kitty comment insulted a few girls, so the boys decided to show me the dark side of sanrio.  so wrong on so many levels, i know.  lip gloss everywhere.

lesson learned:  folks take their hello kitty very, very seriously.  flip off the feline and you unleash the fury.

as a result, i stayed clear of the cat until i received a hello kitty toaster from a co-worker for xmas.  i feared it, too, would kick my ass.  but, i'm happy to report...it's the best damn toaster i've ever had.  it's been seven years now and trust me -- the bitch can TOAST!

also, if you use a piece of whitish bread, hello kitty's face will appear on your slice like the virgin mary.


now, despite my sordid history with hello kitty, i'd like to mention that miss kitty is turning 35-years-old and three apples is throwing her a party extravaganza at royal/t next week.

80 artists, including some WHORANGE favs such as jason mercier and ron english, have created homages to miss kitty.  sales of all artworks benefit the non-profit LA works.


{above: ron english.}


{above left: gary baseman;  above right: lady gaga.}

in true royal/t fashion, the show will also include a pop up shop to sell and display various hello kitty home wares.  i wonder if it will include the infamous hello kitty vibrator.

hope you can come.  see you in hell-o.

three apples: an exhibition celebrating 35 years of hello kitty
when:  october 23rd-november 15th
where: royal/t, 8910 washington blvd., culver city, CA 90232

{via cool hunting.}