welcome to my bedroom dresser.

above is one of my favorite charley harper serigraphs entitled "cottontail in cottonfield," which hangs lovingly above my squirrel ring holder and fancy plastic deer.  if you look at the print closely enough, you just may see a terrified rabbit camouflaged within the print.  nothing like waking up each morning to a collection of plastic, ceramic, and terrified wildlife.

curious to see how other folks hang their harpers, i joined the charley harper flickr pool.  below are a few of my fav findings.  enjoy and worship the brilliance which is mr. harper...


{above: 1950s charley harper silkscreens from "ford times" magazine. via eyewash.}


{above left: harper the living room of VisuaLingual.  above right:  1950s silkscreens from "ford times" magazine. via eyewash.  }


{above: harper on countertop.  via jennyology.}

Todd_oldham_soho_showroom_ copy

{above left: todd oldham's SoHo showroom.  above right: SoHo exhibition via eyewash.}


{above:  anhinga print via spins LP.}